The farmer says that extraterrestrial beings kidnapped his cow in 1897

The farmer says that extraterrestrial beings kidnapped his cow in 1897

If you study the cliché about aliens, the most common stories will be about kidnapping. And often it is not about people, but about cattle. In 1897, a farmer swore in court that a UFO had stolen his cow.

The events took place on April 23, 1897 with Alexander Hamilton, the owner of a ranch in Kansas. Most of the story was found in a newspaper article where the incident was documented.

Hamilton said that at 10:30 pm he was awakened by a howl coming from the side of the pen with the cattle. He thought that perhaps his bulldog had crawled inside and aroused the herd. The farmer looked out the window and was surprised to see that the door to the pen was open, one of the cows was standing outside, and a beam of light was coming down from the sky onto it.

Hamilton took his son with him and called his neighbor. They grabbed a few axes and went to the pen. Three men watched in amazement as a huge mechanism hovered above the cow, resembling a bright airship.

The farmer said:

It resembled a cigar-shaped object, stretching 90 meters in length. The material looked transparent and it seemed that the whole structure was made of glass. Inside, everything was brightly lit, so we saw a cabin with six strange creatures. They chatted, but we did not understand their speech. Then they noticed us and directed the light in our direction. Apparently they did not expect to see us, because they sharply jerked up, and I realized that something was entwined around my cow's neck. It looked like a bright rope. This ship began to rise, taking with it my cow, which was already suffocating. But part of this rope caught in the fence. We ran up and tried to unhook, but failed. Therefore, we cut it off with an ax and watched the mechanism fly away with my cow ”.

The next morning, Hamilton went in search of the missing cow. At 4-5 km from the farm managed to find the skin, legs and head. The animal was simply gutted and took away all the meat. Farmers searched the place, but could not find any traces or trampled grass. As if the remnants of the carcass just dropped from a height.

The farmer says that extraterrestrial beings kidnapped his cow in 1897

After the publication of the article, many felt that this was just a hoax and began to accuse the farmer of falsification. Then Hamilton collected signatures from 10 witnesses who saw the remains, as well as two signatures from his son and neighbor, who were with him at night. All three also swore an oath in court. However, the UFO sworn to attract was impossible, so the story is gradually forgotten.

Ufologists believe that history can be true. Moreover, in subsequent years, many stories appeared when pets disappeared in a mysterious way, and then they were torn to pieces. However, the fact that Alexander Hamilton was in the local “Club of liars” was important. It was rumored that somehow he boasted to his wife that he wrote a story about how a UFO kidnapped his cow. But how to explain the found torn animal? Did the desire to become famous for UFO stories made the farmer go to falsification? What do you think?

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