The story of the Flatwood Monster. What a creature was described by children in 1952

The story of the Flatwood Monster. What a creature was described by children in 1952

Residents of the city of Flatwoods Gene Lemon and Caitlin May. They claimed to have seen the monster and provided a description for the famous sketch.

Children have a rich imagination, so it seems to them that a monster is always hiding under the bed and in the closet. Only in a concrete story, the children described something similar to an alien and who arrived in a spaceship. What was it?

The story happened on September 12, 1952 in the city of Flatwoods (West Virginia). In the afternoon, Sheriff Robert Carr and his deputy, Burnell Long, received a call from witnesses who described a fiery object crashing into the ground. The callers said that the object fell near the river Ackle.

At first they thought that it was a fall of a meteorite or a plane crash. But then followed very strange observations from several students. In the evening, four boys were playing football and noticed that something collapsed near the school playground.

The boys were frightened, but curiosity always prevails. They went to the hill and stopped near the house of Kathleen May, who was told about the fallen object. Kathleen and her two sons joined the group and set off towards the site of the fall.

The story of the Flatwood Monster. What a creature was described by children in 1952

The original drawing of a Flatwood monster from an artist from New York Mission May noted:

It was already beginning to get dark and the closer we came to the place indicated by the boys, the more the fog thickened. There was a metallic smell in the air that burned my eyes and nose ”.

The dog ran ahead of everyone, but then returned to the owner with a screech. Finally, the witnesses climbed to the top of the hill. It turned out that there was a “glowing and hissing” object with a diameter of 4-5 m.

One of the boys aimed a flashlight at the object, which illuminated a huge 3-meter creature. Witnesses described a bright red face, green clothing, resembling a peak ace head and a cloak with large folds.

The creature moved in the direction of the witnesses, who rushed towards Mae's house to call the sheriff. The boys also managed to let their classmates, so a lot of people came running to the place of the fall.

Later on, the reporter A. Stewart will arrive at this location, who will note that all the witnesses looked incredibly frightened. Stewart, along with witnesses will visit the place where they saw the creature. He will later write that he also smelled a strange smell, but did not see anything. However, in the morning on earth the reporter will find strange traces from the massive apparatus.

The story of the Flatwood Monster. What a creature was described by children in 1952

The Flatwood Monster Museum Exhibit

Sheriff Carr will assume that the children and the woman saw just a meteor or a comet. And in the dark they could face a wild animal whose eyes shone in response to a flashlight. Witnesses could write a story because they were scared. However, this does not explain why all the boys and the woman portrayed the same description of the monster / alien seen. Yes, and further events will cause many questions. The next night, a resident near the Birch River will report that he saw a bright orange object floating in the sky. There will also be a mother with a daughter who will give a similar description of the creature they saw.

Moreover, the first few witnesses will later begin to complain of feeling unwell. There will be a suspicion that the mist emitted by the creature was toxic. The main symptoms are swelling of the throat and irritation of the nose. One of the boys suffered all night from convulsions. The doctor reminded these symptoms of mustard gas poisoning.

If we talk about official conclusions, in 2000 it was indicated that the witnesses in 1952 saw the arrival of a meteorite, and the creature was just a flashlight-lit owl. Or, due to the fall of the meteorite, a cloud of vapor formed in the shape of a human figure. Ufologists protest and promote the version with an alien. This incident is still a mystery.

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