A family in Colorado captured an unidentified object. Video

On April 13, 2019, a family from the city of Thornton (Colorado) captured a UFO in the sky. The video quickly spread on the Internet and has already managed to attract the attention of many ufologists.

The Kuroda family became witnesses. They noticed strange lights in the sky from their yard. Bright spheres broke through thick clouds closer to sunset. In the video you can see an unusually bright light source soaring in the sky. The female voice in the video says that the light “resembled two objects that merged into one.”

The voice of the child is also heard:

Where are you flying, UFO? ”.

The popular UFO promoter and conspiracy theorist Scott Waring was the first to respond to the video. He shared a video on his website and said that a particular object is a prime example of an alien spacecraft. Moreover, these “lights” are often found in these parts of the United States.

You can find another comment UFO expert:

This observation is 100% real and we did not find it in the video editing. I am very excited because the people of Colorado previously reported seeing something like. ”

A family in Colorado captured an unidentified object. Video

This strange glowing ball was shot in the sky of the city of Thornton (Colorado)

Waring says:

The state of Colorado is famous for reports of bright glowing lights in the sky that change shape, direction and are able to travel at high speeds.” He also adds that white floating balls are the most common type of UFO in rocky American areas. In fact, they are seen almost every month. Waring adds that the ships are observed closer to sunset, as the sun's rays at a certain angle beat off the UFO and allow them to be seen.

Waring also analyzed the video:

I think the aliens on the spacecraft realized that they were noticed, so they tried to hide in the nearest cloud. It is at this point that the most agitated family is observed. ”

A family in Colorado captured an unidentified object. Video

Scott Waring has confirmed that the object is a real spacecraft with aliens

In the United States often appear messages about bright balls. In the National Center for Communications, UFOs collected about 7 stories from witnesses until April 18th.

While ufologists celebrate the discovery of UFOs, scientists believe that this is a kind of natural phenomenon. This is indicated by attachment to mountainous terrain, relative regularity of observation, and similar external characteristics. But no one can yet name a concrete phenomenon.

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