Captured during a space survey, the UFO turned out to be a simple down

Captured during a space survey, the UFO turned out to be a simple down

A strange light located above the Earth was seen from orbit ... but this is not your mediocre UFO.

You can find at least a dozen cheap UFO videos on the Internet.

Doubtful hand-held videos of “lights in the sky,” armchair conspiracy theorists, finding strange objects in archival photographs of Apollo, terrible video quality on Youtube, edited snippets ... all this is the legitimate prey of extraterrestrial seekers. Unfortunately, most of this evidence can be quickly explained using an ounce of rational thinking. But the news cycle is not going to put an end, and the tabloid press has a habit of spreading random blurry images and badly edited videos with awesome music. And against this background, they report terrible events taking place not only as news, but as “evidence” that we are not alone in the Universe.

At the present time, reeling circles on conspiratorial fuel, another Youtube-video appeared on the Internet, posted by a quite well-known ufologist under the nickname Streetcap1. His task is to study space videos and photos in search of strange artifacts that are quite difficult to explain to earth science. In a recent UFO event, the posted video transmits edited footage from the International Space Station. Using high-definition cameras located on the space station, we can visit the site every time we want to get a shot at an altitude of 250 miles above the Earth’s surface in real time. It is beautiful and I highly recommend you to be convinced with your own eyes. But sometimes astute viewers notice that strange things happen in low Earth orbit.

In a recent DNews article, I analyzed another video posted by the same user. It was supposed to contain evidence of the presence of a UFO, which descended to Earth, slowing down its course, before NASA cut off the power supply. After analyzing the archived frames, it became clear what this bright object was. Every 90 minutes at dusk, the space station catches the same bright point on the horizon. She was Venus.

But why did NASA cut off access? I can already hear the conspiracy fans moving. In fact, NASA did not cut the feed. The fact is that the International Space Station passed outside the satellite tracking and data transfer (TRDS) zone, which are used to relay high-definition video to Earth. The signal is lost very often. But the fact that this happened precisely during the appearance of the “strange” glow caused many to raise the subject of the conspiracy.

In a recent video posted on September 30th, there is another bright point on the limb of the Sun. So it seemed as if Venus appeared, took up the usual tricks and pretended to be a UFO. But this time Venus has nothing to do with it. The explanation was even more mundane. Again, based on their archival footage from the ISS, September 30 was a normal day-night with a cycle of 90 minutes (the length of one “day” at the orbital outpost) and frequent signal losses.

But it quickly became noticeable that there was a rather huge object in the frame. But this object has nothing to do with anything outside the space station. He was inside her.

So, the UFO was just a fluff placed on the camera body.

Although I did not manage to find the exact moment that Streetcap1 noticed live, the lower part of this lost fluff (possibly a strand of fiber) appears at about the same place. The video feed was interrupted before the sun lit up the entire hair, and the spectators themselves already thought about what this object was. In the case of the tabloid press, it was immediately dubbed a “conspiracy” and “strangers”. In fact, the camera just need to shake off the dust.

So, here is the moral of the whole story: if something in the sky seems strange, it is not necessarily a UFO. Sometimes it's just a very identifiable piece of fluff.

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