A black ring flew over Denver. Video

A black ring flew over Denver. Video

The idea of ​​the existence of intelligent extraterrestrial life has long since left the frontiers of fantasy and turned into attempts to discover aliens. People constantly record strange objects, many of which are explained by natural phenomena. But how to explain this dark ring on video?

The last observation of the alleged alien spacecraft occurred in Denver. Interestingly, this American city in Colorado is often called a hot spot for fixing UFOs and extraterrestrial activity.

The first to respond was the famous ufologist Scott Waring, who uploaded the video to his website and signed:

A possible UFO was spotted in Denver two weeks ago. It seems that all residents of the city have seen it, but the nature of the formation remains a mystery. Already managed to give a lot of explanations, including fireworks and volcanoes. But no one can say for sure ”.

Waring tends to the extraterrestrial variant:

Let's not forget that in Denver there are often signs of extra-terrestrial activity and strange objects in the sky. Perhaps the dark ring - the contour of a hidden alien ship, which had difficulties with disguise. Or else the plate took off with such tremendous speed that it left behind this ring. For dozens of years near the Rocky Mountains of Denver, bright white spheres have been fixed, so it’s not surprising that we see something unusual here. ”

A black ring flew over Denver. Video

The black ring may be a UFO flying over Denver

The video caught the attention of the general public. Scientists are not in a hurry to comment, but some people believe that this is the other end of the black hole through which aliens visit us. But one reasonable explanation indicates that the ring may be a byproduct of pyrotechnics used during the Supercross competition at Michael High Stadium.

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