Incident in Bachfert - 1665. Fishermen describe the battle of flying ships

Incident in Bachfert - 1665. Fishermen describe the battle of flying ships

Modern ufologists cling to any clue about UFOs, aliens, strange weather and space phenomena. It seems that the potential aliens in our time have learned to disguise themselves. But this does not apply to the case in 1665, when alien ships turned the sky into a battlefield.

On April 8, 1665 at 2 pm, fishermen anchored near Bachfert (then considered the city of Sweden, and now it is the territory of Germany), noticed in the sky not just strange objects, but a real battle. A whole fleet of flying machines bombarded each other.

One of the researchers of this event in a few years collected a description of what is happening:

After some time a flat round shape appeared in the sky, resembling a plate or a hat. It was darker than the moon and hung right above the church of St. Nicholas. She hung up to the evening. Local fishermen talked about the battle over the water. They were so frightened that they did not want to look and covered their faces with their hands. A few days later, many of those who watched had headaches and a tremor ”.

In fact, the locals said that a long warship appeared in the sky, followed by several smaller ones. They came from the north side. The same objects from the south approached them. Then the battle unfolded.

Incident in Bachfert - 1665. Fishermen describe the battle of flying ships

Engraving from 1680, accompanying Erasmus Francis description of the battle between the ships in the sky in 1665.

One of the locals told:

First, a huge flock of birds flew in behind which the ships appeared. They met and started firing at each other. We heard the sounds of volleys and saw flashes of light. Then the ships arriving from the north turned and flew away. When the smoke cleared, only one large ship remained, which hung over the church and stayed until the evening ”.

Scientists wanted to understand what happened in Bachfert in 1665. They reviewed the archives and witness records. At first they thought that it was all about birds. Perhaps a huge flock of starlings formed unusual forms in the sky, which seemed to be illiterate fighting fighter ships. However, the last object hung over the church until the evening, which the flock of birds could not do.

Incident in Bachfert - 1665. Fishermen describe the battle of flying ships

Miata Fata Morgana along the coastline in Santa Cruz (California, May 7, 2007).

Among the reasons considered and the phenomenon of Fata Morgana. This type of mirage appears just above the horizon when the necessary mixture of thermal layers is present in the air. However, the object took a certain form and held it until the evening, and the Fata Morgana phenomenon is not able to remain stable for so long.

Incident in Bachfert - 1665. Fishermen describe the battle of flying ships

On August 26, 2012, we managed to capture the Fata Morgana phenomenon off the east coast of Australia. It seems like a ship is floating above the horizon.

Ufologists believe that the fishermen, like the rest of the city, saw the real battle of two militant clans of aliens who arrived on Earth for some purpose. Perhaps these are competing extraterrestrial tribes, who view our planet as a potential source of resources. That would explain the battle.

In addition, UFO hunters point to a worsening of eyewitnesses (headaches and tremors). Most likely, this is the result of the influence of alien technologies. Of course, it is difficult to prove, because there were only vague notes from witnesses. Therefore, while the scientific world points to birds and a mirage, ufologists continue to replenish the collection with unusual events from the past. Recall that this is not the first time that people have seen the battle in the air. For example, an astronomical phenomenon in Nuremberg, which occurred in 1561, is also considered as an example of an alien battle.

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