A strange black ring appeared over the sky of Montana. Video

A strange black ring appeared over the sky of Montana. Video

In March 2019, many were surprised by the appearance of a new video from Montana. The fact is that in the sky seemed a strange dark ring, flying over the snowy fields of the state. What was it?

The video was taken by farmers feeding livestock on one of the ranches. They watched in amazement as a smoky hoop floated in the air at high altitude, and after a few minutes literally dissolved.

Video from Montana

Farm couple told:

We fed the cows as usual on one of the frosty evenings on a farm north of Lambert in Montana. Suddenly a black ring appeared in the sky. It seemed to us that an alien object was flying. ”

Ufologists are already considering this situation and are trying to understand whether there is a hint of alien intervention, a spacecraft, or other phenomena. But scientists and local experts had their own opinion. They believe that the whole thing in the oil wells located behind the hill. Such rings are created when the regulator is blown out of the well plume. In fact, it is ordinary smoke, which in rare cases creates the shape of a ring, being held in such a structure for a short period of time.

Video from Argentina

One commentator says:

The cold and calm air created a favorable environment for the exhaust that formed the circle. But such structures quickly collapse ”.

Everything seems logical, but this explanation does not suit Scott Waring, who just the other day will post a video of a black ring flying over Argentina. Frames filmed by workers at a construction site. The formation seemed more dense and concentrated. As if it is not a haze, but a stable form. In addition, Waring indicates a strange reaction of animals that start to panic when they feel the approach of the ring.

Disputes between the ufologist and scientists continue. We will not assert the nature of the object, but it looks scary. What do you think?

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