Australian police say they saw an unidentified object

Australian police say they saw an unidentified object

If you read reports on UFOs from the past, you will notice that many events were recorded by the police, because they were at the scene of strange incidents. Their words were often in doubt, because it was not possible to present physical evidence. But now there are cameras everywhere. What did the Australian police see?

The event occurred in the western part of Australia. Employees of the Broome police station posted a small video on your Twitter account. Observations were made in February 2019 during a thunderstorm. And the first hints of a UFO came from the police themselves, who wrote:

After watching video surveillance on a city beach during a storm last night, it seems that we were not alone (smiley with a UFO)”.

What do we see in the video? Events are accompanied by a strong thunderstorm, and a strange object appears at the top left, which allegedly turns and then suddenly dissolves. It seems that this is a kind of metallic form, illuminated by a flash.

Australian police say they saw an unidentified object

Ufologists immediately began to argue that this is a real UFO. Moreover, the police had no reason to fake a video or falsify surveillance. However, the police themselves were quick to write that they were in a hurry with the conclusions. Most likely, this is a natural phenomenon caused by thunderstorms and features of shooting on the camera.

One commentator wrote:

I feel like an idiot, because for a long time I myself could not understand what I was looking at. This is not a UFO. Just pay attention to the car in the lower right corner. She pulls away and unfolds simultaneously with the appearance of the artifact in the upper left. You may notice reflected light in the rear window. This light bounces back and forth from the lenses in the camera ”.

Ufologists continue to insist on the version with aliens. Although most still tend to explain the commentator. But agree that it looks all the same scary.

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