Unidentified object whirls over a volcano in Mexico - video

Unidentified object whirls over a volcano in Mexico - video

If you are interested in aliens, UFOs and unusual phenomena, then you should definitely visit Mexico. There you will find the active volcano Popocatepetl, near which there are always hints of extraterrestrial activity.

Popocatepetl is translated as “smoking hill”. This is a Mexican active volcano, whose height is 5426 m. But for ufologists, especially Scott Waring, this is a real breeding ground for flying saucers.

Ufolog many times drew public attention to unusual phenomena near the volcano. He collected information from local residents, and also published several UFO photos on his website. Waring writes about the hundreds of cases of the fixation of flying saucers near a volcano. He believes that a particular place was chosen deliberately, because it is a great way to disguise a spacecraft.

Moreover, Waring is convinced that at a depth of 4-6 km below the surface of this territory, you can find a real base in which aliens hide. It should be a giant cave with its own climate. Usually they laugh at the ufologist, but in 2013 something unusual happened. Mexican media company Televisa daily monitors the activity of the volcano. Surprisingly, on May 30, it was possible to record something strange on the video, which was shown on local news. You can see how a bright object rotates above the volcano. In the end, it seems as if he is falling straight into the mouth.

Interestingly, this video was checked by experts in special effects in the US Air Force and Congress (Washington). The examination showed that there is no falsification, and the shots are real. However, experts noted that the speed is increased, which means that we may have a regular plane.

Ufologists protest, because it is clear that the object sits in a volcano. But experts believe that this is just an illusion. The object is moving away, but it seems as if it lowers the height. Waring is not going to give up and continues to monitor the volcano, collecting legends from the locals.

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