Volgograd is the longest city in Russia

For some reason, planning a route for the next holiday, people try to include as many interesting places from a historical point as possible, while forgetting about the beauty of the surrounding nature. Choosing the purpose of the trip Volgograd, you can enjoy the greatness of one of the largest Russian rivers - the Volga, having made a walking tour along its embankment.

But there is an even more interesting option - to stay in an inexpensive and comfortable Volga-Don hotel from the windows of which stunning natural landscapes open up. For those who prefer luxury apartments, the Internet with its numerous resources, such as http://www.travel.ru/hotel/russia/volgograd/, will be invaluable. They provide complete information on each hotel of the country with photos of rooms and the possibility of online booking.

Old Volgograd

Historically, this city changed its name several times. Initially, Tsaritsyn, in whose construction Peter I himself took part, was a small settlement. But with the development of industry and commerce, it began to grow rapidly, and as it was located on the banks of the Volga, then new areas were built along it. This arrangement is explained by the need for a short exit to the water for merchants and industrialists who transported their goods to other regions of the country. As a result, one of the longest cities has turned out, only Big Sochi can compete with it in length. Therefore, a walk around the city will have to be planned with the use of urban transport, since it is good in Volgograd. The longest street in the city is considered Second Longitudinal. Its length exceeds 50 km. It includes 16 streets and avenues, walking along which you can see many attractions:

  • anchorage of the Tsaritsyn Central Fire Station;
  • Kazan Cathedral;
  • Church of John the Baptist;
  • a monument to Peter and Fevronia of Murom, the patron saints of the family.

And it is worth visiting the musical-dramatic Cossack and the New Experimental Theater, the productions of which will deliver a lot of positive emotions.

Einstein's Entertaining Science Museum

There is in Volgograd one more not only interesting, but also a very informative place. His visit will bring pleasure to both children and adults, and also will allow to understand many laws of physics, reveal the secrets of famous tricks. The Einstein Museum of Interesting Sciences is an opportunity not only to observe, but also to conduct experiments yourself. And if you use the services of a guide, the tour will be a fascinating journey into a world where the secrets of science and technology are revealed.

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  • fitness club;
  • spa;
  • bath and sauna;
  • swimming pool;
  • billiards.

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