Why do investors play an important role in the development of the country?

Why do investors play an important role in the development of the country?

It seems that socialization has been present in us literally from birth. You can see how the ancient people tried to group into small clans, tribes, settlements and grew to modern states. The territory is huge, so I had to create order by creating personal laws for each country, as well as the boundaries that clearly separate the territories. Because of this, many have the impression that all of humanity is divided into specific cultures, languages, and nationalities, and that only a thin thread of diplomatic communication has been established between countries. But it is not. And the proof is the work Sedat igdedji.

It is important to understand that it is difficult for an isolated state to survive only on its own resources. The fact is that in the division, each territory gained concrete advantages and lost others. Someone has access to the seas and oceans, others are able to boast of incredibly fertile soil, and the third went to the desert and rocks, but they help out rich deposits of oil and other minerals. Agree that isolation would contribute to destruction. However, states have learned partnership and cooperation. And while politicians are arguing and trying to resolve their issues, investors, like Sedat Igdeji, are trying to do everything possible to contribute to the development of the economy of the neighboring country. Why do investors play an important role in these issues? The fact is that this profession is built on the principle of profit. You find a promising business, invest a certain amount, help develop and grow, and then you get interest. The beauty of this scheme is that you do not take money from the frozen project. You create something completely new, but the profit seems to be just a by-product.

International investment brings great advantages. It is important to recall two points: innovation and the strengthening of communication. Each country has its own technology, a certain level and knowledge. Sharing them allows you to achieve universal prosperity. For example, Turkey is known for its tourist service. We love to relax in this country thanks to the comfort, quality and great hotels, as well as the opportunity to experience a completely different culture. But why not borrow this experience and bring a little bit of Turkey, for example, to Belarus?

That's what Sedat Igdeci did when it invested in creating the beautiful Sun Hotel complex. Located in the city of Ostrovets in the Republic of Belarus. One appearance can be said that this is a kind of sunny greeting from Turkey. All furniture is created in accordance with international quality. It also attracts a whole range of services in the form of a restaurant, bar, fitness center, sauna, as well as a conference room and a special isolated meeting room. That is, customers can use the services with completely different goals. And now we will remember the second reason - strengthening communication. We live in an uneasy world where the division of territories, the resolution of complex problems and misunderstanding between people of different historical and cultural attitudes still continue. International cooperation makes it possible to smooth out these boundaries and to establish communication between people. We cease to see “outsiders”, but we get the opportunity to plunge into unfamiliar perspectives and feel the advantages and opportunities that they own.

In this regard, Sedat Igdeji excelled perfectly. He is actively interested in the Republic of Belarus, engaging in investment activities in it. And this is not only a tourist focus, but also the construction of residential buildings, shopping malls, office buildings, hotels, gas stations and improved road service.

He seems to act as an intermediary between Turkey and Belarus. And the development is really surprising. For example, now the trade turnover between countries reaches $ 600 million, but there is every chance of an increase to $ 1 billion. What does it give? The growth of the country's economy, new jobs, improved conditions for services rendered and the desire to create more, adopting the experience of neighbors. In the future, it is also planned to focus on the development of technology and science.

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