Beautiful Odessa

Beautiful Odessa

Odessa - the loud voice of the morning

Under mother of pearl,

Bells, ringing couplets,

Ships farewell hooters.

Everybody must visit the Black Sea Pearl. Odessa flavor, hospitality, traditions and attractions - everything is intertwined. It is here that you can find various hotels in Odessa: from modest rooms to luxury apartments.

Beautiful Odessa

Where to stay

In the city of hotels, hotels, apartments can be found with different levels of wealth. The price depends on the area in which the institution is located, the level of comfort and the services provided. It is worth noting that hotels in Odessa welcome guests from Ukraine and abroad. Hotels in Odessa offer their guests:

  • comfortable rooms;
  • comfortable furniture and necessary equipment;
  • separate bathroom;
  • sets of cosmetics;
  • parking spaces;
  • transfer.

In the cafe at the hotel, the staff serves a continental breakfast, it includes milk porridge, cold cuts and cheese, fresh pastries, tea and coffee. Breakfast is included in the room rate. Upon request, you can order a full-service meal in a cafe.

Beautiful Odessa

What to see

Sights in Odessa begin with Deribassovskaya street - this is a central place where architectural structures, shops, souvenir shops and boutiques are located on both sides of the street. We recommend to visit:

  1. City Park.
  2. Seaside Boulevard.
  3. Monument to Duke.
  4. Monument to the legendary 12th chair O. Bender.
  5. Seaport.
  6. Langeron Beach.

The Arcadia beach should be said separately, if you are a party girl in life, be sure to visit the Ibiza night club. Ibiza is a favorite place of famous pop stars and DJs. The club is located on the beach Arcadia.

Each building in this amazing city is made in its own style, here the baroque is successfully combined with modernity.

The museum chocolate workshop will suit not only children, but also adults. Here you can buy personalized handmade sweets, chocolate bars in the form of a dollar, “iPhone” and more. The tour is paid and takes a few minutes. After the tour, order a glass of real hot chocolate. Believe me, this is very tasty.

Having got hungry, you can have a bite in restaurants, which attract visitors with their extravagant views.

Often, cheap hostels in Odessa are located in the central part of the city. This will solve the problem with transport and allow you to see all the attractions of the region. Modern hostel in Odessa is gaining popularity every day. For an affordable price you can use free internet access and meet new people.

It is impossible not to fall in love with Odessa, having come here once, it is simply impossible to stop!

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