Why is vacation in Greece in 2016 especially interesting?

Why is vacation in Greece in 2016 especially interesting?

It is no secret that at the moment the rest in Turkey and Egypt is not available for Russian tourists. But there is a great alternative to these countries - Greece. In any case, this country in particular will be interesting in the 2016 holiday season. Let's look at all the advantages.


The state in question has adopted the euro as the main currency. At the same time, the cost of most goods and services is quite low. Get at least the price of a ticket for travel. It costs 1, 25 euros, but you can move on any public transport in Athens. Also very cheap taxi. Prices of 4-5 euros are quite familiar.

Home calls are fairly affordable. For 5 euros you can buy a card that provides at least a few long calls. Often people go to a country not even to soak up the beach, but for shopping. A good set of souvenirs in 2016 will cost 40-50 euros. A quality fur coat from a fur factory costs 1,500–2,000 euros. Although this is Europe, but the prices here are very nice.

When is it better to rest?

Greece is notable for being able to rest almost 6 months a year, from mid-April to early October. If you go to rest in spring or autumn, you will not get into the heat. But in the summer the sea in most resorts warms up to 25-27 degrees and becomes very pleasant. Each month has its own advantages and disadvantages. If you go to Greece right now, using the site http://www.mouzenidis-travel.ru/, you will definitely not regret it.

There is a separate category of people who love rest in the fall. They believe that prices are falling, tourists are becoming much less. But basically it depends on the place.

Which is better: an island or a mainland?

If you are going for the first time, then consider what goals you are pursuing from the trip. If the main thing for you is snow-white beaches and a gentle sea, then it is better to go to the island. But the mainland is more suitable if you want to walk around the boutiques, grocery stores, local supermarkets during the holidays. In addition, there are much more cultural attractions. Allocate priorities, and the choice will be easy.

Can I have a rest with children?

Of course, there are even a few special cities that are designed primarily for family holidays. In the same Skafidi most of the guests with children 2-5 years. If a child is a bit older, about 8-12 years old, then he will be interested in Athens. There is a lot of fun. The same water parks, rides and more.

What can you say about youth recreation?

He is extremely developed here. It is enough just to visit Crete once to see this. There are many music festivals. Also along the coast there are a lot of fun bars, clubs, dance venues. The island is also interesting due to the fact that there are historical sites on it that are simply impossible not to visit. In order to understand all the advantages of Crete, you need to stay there for at least 2-3 weeks.


As you can see, the rest in Greece is interesting from all points of view. Both adults and children can relax here, as well as young people, whose main task is to have fun.

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