Fascinating quests with fascinating stories

Fascinating quests with fascinating stories

Quests - modern fashionable and exciting entertainment for people of any age. Most often, adolescents try their hand at playing, but there are a number of maps and plots designed for the adult category. Initially, this genre was invented for computer games. The player was given the main character and story. It was necessary to solve various riddles and puzzles in order to advance to a more difficult level. But over time, it became clear that such games can be carried out in reality, after which special rooms with secrets, hidden codes and encrypted messages arose, the solution of which is given a fixed amount of time. But you can go even deeper and try the VR quest about space.

VR is a virtual reality. You may have heard more than once about special glasses, and sometimes even whole platforms that mimic movements, noises, and various sounds in order to create a feeling of complete immersion in history. Now imagine a fantastic quest in space. We do not yet have the opportunity to go beyond the solar system, but the game will allow it to be done in just a second. You have to become a space traveler. Various planets with mysteries and secrets are waiting for your visit, and only developed logic, ingenuity and experience will allow you to move forward. Here there is a 100% interaction with the virtual world, and the computer assistant will provide the necessary hints and instructions in time.

The good news is that you are not limited to one story, because here you will find the best quests in Moscow. Surely, you have a favorite plot, where you eagerly watched the actions of the characters and dreamed of being in their place. Do not deny yourself the pleasure. For example, take a look at “Ghostbusters”. The quest includes up to 5 people and many ghosts and phantoms, followed by a hunt. You can choose from three levels of difficulty.

Perhaps you like horror stories, from which the frost runs over the skin. Then participate in the “Secret of an abandoned shelter”. You find yourself in an old house in the most often impassable forest. Urban legends say that the local owner once paid the children for their own immortality. You have to find out what really happened and try to escape from this house. On the site you will find many more exciting quests. For your convenience, they are sorted into categories and genres. You can find something calm for the whole family, with a romantic mood or adventure. There is also an option to solve a crime, to visit the past, to communicate with famous actors or to plunge into the most terrible stories. Difficulty level choose according to experience.

Before you go you should read the instructions and a full description. Opposite each quest restrictions on the number of people, there is a schedule, price, as well as a map, how to get to the place. Users leave feedback, so you will know in absentia whether the game is worth the time spent. Do not forget to use the action, because on some days it is possible to go through several quests by a large company for a lower fee. Play, develop and have fun!

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