Permission to export a child

Permission to export a child

Traveling for a modern person is no longer an exorbitant dream. During periods of vacations and summer heat, there is a mass exodus to countries with a warm climate and friendly prices. People use this precious time to meet new cultures, learn a language and just have a good time. If some prefer their favorite resorts, others choose something new every year.

But rest is not the only reason for traveling. Although our planet is a common home for all of humanity, but cultures have evolved in their own way. Therefore, each country is ready to offer its own language, cuisine, traditions, literature, music, landscapes and even climatic conditions. Agree that the north of Canada and the beaches of Miami will meet you with completely different types and temperature marks. Acquaintance with all this diversity allows us to broaden our horizons and get rid of ridiculous stereotypes, because of which racial prejudices and cultural disagreements arise. However, a trip abroad is associated with a number of difficulties, and in some cases you cannot do without permission to export the child.

It would seem that we are all free to move, but at the moments of crossing the border there are some rules and regulations that must be observed, otherwise you will not be missed. It is important to understand that this whole system was not invented in order to complicate your life, but to secure the citizens of the country. The authorities must be aware of all visitors and departures, as well as fix your location so that you do not carry prohibited goods or remain illegal. In the end, there are those who are trying to hide from the law. That is why paper red tape arises, obliging us to collect a lot of documents, prove our solvency and get a visa. Unfortunately, all this bustle with documents can discard those who want to go to another country. But you just need to know the basic rules in order to easily visit new lands. There is a standard list of documents that can be found on any website and even read the methods and lifehacks to speed up this process. But things change a little if you have a minor child.

Until a certain age, children are not responsible for their lives, but they are not glued to their country. They can also travel with their parents, guardians or relatives. And many use this opportunity to study in foreign institutions, travel to interesting places, visit relatives or just have fun. In the end, there is also the option of moving to a permanent place of residence. And here it should be remembered that in certain cases it is impossible to do without special permission.

Most often, this paper is necessary if the child crosses the border with one of the parents. This is a notarized document in which one of the parents authorizes the trip for the child. Of course, this is not a mandatory procedure and paper is required only in certain situations. For example, if the mother or father wrote a statement about the disagreement at the exit, then you can not do without a document. Even if the parents are divorced, but no one has written the statement, you can easily go to the border with the baby. The exception is a trip to the countries belonging to the Schengen Union. Then permission will be required for a visa. Remember that each country has its own requirements, so it is better to clarify all the details in the consulate. Permission is also required to travel to another country with a non-guardian relative.

A trip with a child abroad can be an amazing experience and a wonderful adventure, not overshadowed by problems with a visa or passport control. Preliminary preparation, acquaintance with laws and rules will relieve you of an excess headache.

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