World School Excursions

World School Excursions

The school becomes the first serious stage in the process of growing up a child. Traditionally, this institution is perceived as a place of obtaining knowledge and preparation for the university. However, this period strongly influences the development of the child in various aspects. Speaking from a social position, the kid meets the first best friends, learns to understand people, builds communication in the student-teacher system, which later develops into employee-employer, and seeks its place in society.

This time is important to use for all-round development, allowing the child in the form of a game to receive information on various historical and cultural events, as well as to get acquainted with natural and scientific phenomena. How to do it? The company “World of school trips” will help, to learn about the services of which you can more here.

The tour is not only fun for the child, but also the most accessible, convenient and organized method of presenting information. We get used to receiving information in the classroom, chained to the place and forced to memorize textbooks. It is scientifically proven that only a small part of the data goes from short-term memory and remains in our mind. But the tour includes all types of information at once: visual, audio and text. You will agree that it will be much more interesting to learn about the Second World War in the museum, where portraits, objects, maps and weapons of that time hang than in a stuffy room surrounded by gray walls. In addition, this movement and the opportunity to participate in group activities. Some refuse the services of professional companies, believing that they can cope on their own. But let's think about the task. We have a class of 25-30 students of a certain age. You will need to not only find an interesting place, agree on the amount, time, transport, program, but also be able to maintain discipline and interest in children or teenagers all this time. Agree that after a hard day’s work, not everyone will be able to spend the last effort on organizing a trip, which you can simply book on the website.

On the main page of the site you will find sections dedicated to different areas. The most popular are the various museums. This is convenient if you are passing a certain historical period or want to acquaint children with culture or a specific event (war, battle, etc.). The choice of excursion also depends on the subject. There are directions for every taste: from music and theater to astronautics and sports. Do not forget about the orientation to classes, because for each age group a list of recommendations with specified prices and time of visit is selected. Just one click will allow you to get acquainted with all the necessary information.

There are also entertainment areas dedicated to various holidays, such as New Year, Shrovetide or birthday. The positive effect will produce theatrical performances or workshops. The latter will allow you to take an active part and acquire useful skills. But excursions to the production will help to get acquainted with the process of manufacturing various products of a particular enterprise. Quest games are especially popular with children and teenagers. They bring a positive role because they are perceived by students as a game. However, this entertainment teaches teamwork, develops imagination, flexibility of thinking and makes it much easier to learn school material. For example, a quest in a botanical garden will allow you to familiarize yourself with plants. A program at the zoo will teach a variety of wildlife. In addition, in such games it is important to use knowledge in practice, that is, the material goes into long-term memory.

Remember that children absorb useful information like a sponge, if you present it in an interesting and entertaining way. The organizers guarantee not only fascinating spending time, but also the developmental benefits and safety of each child.

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