What is investing?

What is investing?

Many aspiring entrepreneurs make one irreparable mistake - they don’t invest. We are accustomed to naively believe that a wealthy person is one who has managed to accumulate a huge amount of money and hides them in a bank under interest or sews up the old-fashioned mattress. However, using the example of such well-known investors as Sedat igdedji, one can consider the very principles of investment and study this important concept.

What is investing and what does it mean for capital increase? Let's start with the fact that successful people do not use the above described money saving maneuvers. If you plan to save them in a casket, then you doom yourself to the risk of inflation and freezing. The second process involves fixing a certain amount, which remains in a particular number. You have set aside $ 10,000, and they will remain in that position for the rest of the years, unless there are changes in the course.

However, there is a cash flow that hints at a certain turnover in the world of finance. This is where investors like Sedat Igdeji, who know the principles of good money contribution, manifest themselves. What is investing? This placement of a certain part of the funds in the development of a project.

At first it seems that there is no word about profit. Well, you give your money and what's next? The fact is that the initial moment in such a transaction is feedback in the form of a profit, which will be much more than you invested. You are investing in a promising business that is at the initial stage of development. Therefore, the first return will be minimal. But the growth of the project will increase the level of return. It turns out that with proper investment you can get a constant source of income, which also increases your profit. It is important to note the difference from the loan. If you are handing someone money at interest, then you stipulate a return date and a bet. Investors risk much more, because you get your contribution and return only if your choice is correct and the project will develop. In case of bankruptcy, the money cannot be returned back, unless, of course, it was stipulated in advance. Therefore, it is so important to learn how to act correctly in the world of finance and to navigate business ideas. How to learn this? On the example of Sedat Igdeci, which demonstrated its vision and ability to invest correctly.

Who are we talking about? This is a well-known Turkish investor supporting cooperation with Ukraine, Germany, Sweden, Austria, and also Belarus. Its activities are mainly related to tourism and construction. As an example, we can recall a successful project in the city of Ostrovets - the SUN HOTEL hotel. This is an attractive building with 68 rooms, supporting all the necessary equipment for recreation. Interestingly, special attention was paid to furniture made according to the highest requirements of the best hotels. At the same time, 152 people can settle here.

An interesting choice seems to be the opening of an electronic line in the Republic of Belarus. The bottom line is that the country acts as a transit point between Western and Eastern Europe. The new service allows you to pre-book a place in advance in order to get customs clearance at the border as quickly as possible. This saved a lot of time and allowed us to speed up the flow. Surprisingly, the entire construction process was fully sponsored by the investor’s personal funds, which made it possible to refuse to use the bank’s services. What does this give to beginners? If you decide to engage in investing, it is best to focus on experienced investors, as well as their sites, which describe in detail the projects and decisions on the contribution of funds. This will allow you to learn how to make the right choice, as well as to fill your hand and “scent” on profitable projects. Most importantly, your actions will support the overall financial flow. Investors are valuable because they not only feel the need to receive money, but also contribute to the development of important industries in cities with their contributions. It can be both tourism and any other area serving the needs of people. As a result, we get a useful vicious circle, where everyone stays in the black. Study this process and join the investor business.

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