Creation and promotion of sites in Krasnodar

The service of creating turnkey websites in Krasnodar is offered by the SEO company “Staputov”. Here projects of a different category are developed, namely a business card site, information portals, online stores. Its main specialization is development and promotion. During their work, the company's specialists were able to increase the attendance and profitability of many projects in Krasnodar.

If the site is not profitable, and all potential customers go to competitors, then the only way out of the situation is optimization. If you order this service from a reliable proven company, you can count on a quick positive result. Improving the position of the site in search results, traffic growth and profits, this should be the result of high-quality optimization.

Advantages of working with “Staputov” studio:

  • Only “white” ways of promotion. We do not practice the use of prohibited methods that may cause sanctions from search engines.
  • Work on time. We stipulate real terms, we give exclusively executable promises.
  • Guaranteed results. Studio specialists will show the result of the work not in the theoretical aspect, but in practice. First place in the issuance of one week, they will not promise.
  • Loyal value. The price of the project will depend on the regional affiliation of the site, its state at the time of promotion, the category of selected search queries. Our cost is not the lowest, but the quality of the work performed fully justifies the price charged for the service.
  • Constant increase in traffic. Upon reaching the positions specified in the contract, we continue to increase the number of visitors to the resource. Permanent increase in potential customers is guaranteed.
  • Action in advance. Regularly updates the generation of search results. Every day there are new parameters for evaluating sites. And in the company “Staputov” they follow the changes, which helps them to keep projects at a certain level and prevent the loss of their positions.
  • Transparent activities. Our managers do not hide anything from customers. Our customers can immediately access the attendance counters. That allows them to check at any time what the real situation with the effectiveness of the promotion.
  • Practical experience. The working methods developed by us make it possible to equally effectively promote new projects and sites with a long history.
  • Completeness of service. Managers of the company are also responsible for supporting the technical component and site administration. To do this, our clients need to give complete information about their project.

Reasons for which you need to order the development of the site in the company “Staputov”

In addition to project optimization, we offer an online resource development service and its creation. The process of creating a site involves the following activities:

  1. Annual payment and support for hosting and domain.
  2. Renovation of the project design template taking into account the project requirements.
  3. Layout, with the setting of the performance of elements.
  4. Filling the resource with texts, about 10,000 characters.
  5. Filling the site with content, about 50 pages.
  6. Resource registration in search engines, with subsequent installation of attendance counters.
  7. The first stage of optimization, necessary for the promotion of the project in search engines.
  8. Handing over the work to the client. The manager explains all the subtleties and nuances of working with the resource.

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