What should a real leader be?

What should a real leader be?

Why do some companies manage to stay at the top of the world rankings annually, while others cannot get out of the bottom? How is it that some projects become breakthrough, although initially nobody put them, but the seemingly promising ideas, and remain at the level of dreams and disappear just a month after the announcement, burying the invested capital under it?

It is by the example of dying firms and unfulfilled aspirations that it becomes clear that business is not for everyone. It turns out that it is not enough to come up with an idea, recruit a team and invest start-up capital. All these are the right steps, but without the main element, your design will be as shaky as a house of cards crashing at the very first wind of the wind. What element are we talking about? About the right leader, who can not do without business training "Motivation of the leader".

Note that the key word is “correct.” Many people do not even realize that it is often the lack of leadership qualities in a project manager or head that leads to a total failure of the business. Yes, not the lack of competence of workers or lack of diligence, namely, leadership qualities. It is also surprising that the leader and the boss are completely different things that are not always present in the same person. Sometimes a leader becomes one of the employees who understands exactly how to develop the project and motivate their colleagues. Sometimes he even has to come into conflict with the immediate boss, managing on the principle of “carrot and stick”, which has not been working for a long time. As a result, we get internal discord, which will certainly lead to failure. What should be the real leader? Many people mistakenly believe that this is some kind of domineering and intimidating person, who can use the method of intimidation to make employees work as a ticking clock mechanism, where all the details move synchronously. It is important to understand that “to force” no one will succeed. Give the employee a high salary, and still get a low return if he is not internally interested in the result. And now let's take a look at huge companies, like Apple, Google or SpaceX. All of them are distinguished by innovation and initially crazy ideas. For example, now everyone knows Elon Musk - the founder of the SpaceX space company. At first his ideas were frankly mocked. However, he managed to create a system that returns stages of rockets back to Earth in a whole state. In addition, his other company Tesla has been pleasing us with affordable and attractive electric cars for several years.

What was the success? This is one of the most important leadership qualities - the ability to motivate. Mask clearly sees not only the goal, but also its employees. He knows how to find talent and draw to his idea. People are ready to work on his projects without days off, vacations and additional payment. Yes, in this case, the conditions are difficult, but no one complains, because everyone is united by the main goal and is happy to give all the best to achieve it. And the results are obvious.

Who is the right leader? This is a person who can not only gather a team of competent employees, but also correctly guide them in their work. Before us is a subtle psychologist who understands how the system of human stimuli works. Making it will not work, but you can correctly motivate and get 100 times more return if the employee is happy to be given to this project. From birth, this vision is difficult to obtain, so there are trainings like the one mentioned above. In the classroom it will be possible to eliminate the main problems that prevent the boss from becoming a leader, as well as learn how to competently motivate the team. Details of the program can be found on the website. But the main emphasis is on cultivating a strong and self-confident personality, which transfers this energy to the whole team. Remember that the leader is the captain of the ship, who must always remain calm. In addition, the lessons will help to cause an initiative among colleagues and remove the fear of expressing ideas. After the training, you will forget about the internal constraints and constraints that prevent your project from achieving success.

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