One tightening Mask motivated NASA to conduct a security review of companies

One tightening Mask motivated NASA to conduct a security review of companies

Artistic vision of the CST-100 Starliner (left) and the SpaceX Crew Dragon crew capsule in orbit

NASA plans to conduct an intensive safety review of SpaceX and Boeing companies - private American space companies, with whom they have contracted to deliver astronauts to the ISS and back. This check will begin in 2019 and will take several months. Interestingly, the main impetus for such activity was the action of the founder of SpaceX Ilona Mask, who visited the 2.5-hour podcast Joe Rogan.

During the interview, Musk took a few sips of whiskey and dragged out the marijuana. All this was broadcast live. In California, smoking marijuana is a legal act. However, for this, Musk has already managed to get some unflattering feedback from the top NASA, which prompted the agency to look closely at the corporate ethics of companies. NASA Administrator Jim Brydenstein said all of this: “It is important to pay attention to inappropriate company behavior and prevent NASA's aiding. The agency always controls contractors and we have to show American society that our astronauts will remain safe in flight. ”

SpaceX and Boeing plan to launch their spacecraft next year. The head of NASA also stressed that he was confident in the SpaceX team, but added that culture begins from the leader, hinting at the act of Mask. It should be added that Ilon Mask himself even during an interview with Joe Rogan said that he rarely drinks alcohol and only smoked grass a couple of times in his life, because all these actions negatively affect productivity.

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