Learn Chinese with a tutor for business communication with Vokay

Learn Chinese with a tutor for business communication with Vokay

A firm conviction has strengthened in the world that English is the most demanded internationally everyday and business communication. This remained true for several generations, but now Chinese is actively competing with it.

If you decide to master this ancient language, then you can already be praised, as it is considered one of the most difficult for a European person. But you should not doubt your abilities, because more than 1000 million people successfully speak it, while only 400 million speak English. To make the training productive and enjoyable, use the services of the school Vokey .

China is attracting more and more people thanks to a developing economy. Many Russian-speaking students go to study and work there and do not regret their choice. Of course, it is always scary for a beginner to take on the development of hieroglyphs, because we are accustomed to the Cyrillic alphabet. But with a competent tutor you can learn Chinese from scratch without discomfort.

Why is it important to learn Chinese individually? A modern person spends most of his time at work. The remaining free hours are devoted to family or rest, so it is extremely difficult for him to break out for an hour or two to learn a new language. However, in this case, he will never be able to find a new job and move to another country. Output? Use the services of a tutor at the school. Thus, you will be able to master a language with a carrier and understand the pronunciation, writing and meaning of all hieroglyphs. Education is based on the Peking University program, and the schedule is flexible. Moreover, the tutor monitors your progress. If knowledge is given to you easily, and you quickly mastered a certain part of the course, then you are transferred to the next stage, allowing you not to waste precious time on studying with the others.

Will Chinese be difficult for business communication? Professional speech includes certain terminology that is difficult to define and learn on your own. A teacher at the Vokay school will tailor the training to your specific case.

An adult has many psychological problems when learning additional languages ​​and even the fear of not coping. However, all this is solved by a qualified and understanding teacher. In addition, if you do not fit a particular person, you can always continue to study with another tutor.

The course includes not only mastering Chinese from the first level, but also the ability to communicate by phone, conduct business correspondence, and draw up contracts, contracts and presentations. The entire educational process is additionally controlled by a personal manager, so you will always know about your level and places that need to be tightened. The satisfied clients from various companies who have tested their knowledge in China also talk about the professionalism of the tutors from the Wakei school. If you want to understand how lessons will be held for your employees, then there is the option of a trial lesson in which you can discuss the program and its cost. Or you yourself can sign up for a trial lesson at school, where you will learn more about the ancient culture of this wonderful country and get acquainted with the basic knowledge of the language itself.

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