GDZ to the textbook Kanakina V.P.

GDZ to the textbook Kanakina V.P.

The education system in schools is designed in such a way as to immediately cover a large flow of students. The program is developed by the Ministry of Education, and then transferred to educational institutions and implemented among children. There are also standards for the publication and distribution of textbooks, which must comply with previously prepared norms. From the first grade, students become accustomed to follow a certain pace of mastering the material. However, not everyone can follow a given speed, and some are ahead of it. It is in such situations that GDZ is useful to the textbook Kanakina V.P.

These are annual homework assignments that help pull up a specific item. Why are they so popular? Modern children are forced to burst into many tasks. Parents are well aware that the future depends on the knowledge and skills that are acquired in childhood. In addition, the assessment of the timesheet and further results on the EIT will determine the possibility of entering a higher education institution. Therefore, children from early age attend extra classes.

Some prefer to surround the child with tutors. But let's agree that this is not always the best option, and the principle of “price - quality” does not work. Now many people offer their services, but not all of them have pedagogical education. But this is important. Even if such a person knows the subject, he does not have the skills to correctly transfer information and to understand how it is much more effective for the child to assimilate it. Let's not forget that a trusting contact should be established between the teacher and the student, which does not always happen. The textbook is also supported by the fact that it is necessary to choose the time for a tutor (to bring a child to him and pick up or let a stranger into the house) and his services may simply not be affordable. Especially if you pull up the baby in several subjects at once.

Why exactly ready-made homework? Suppose that a child needs to pull up on the Russian language for a particular class. You simply acquire the necessary textbook, and it moves according to the program at a convenient pace. It contains tasks in which grammar rules are written, and then tasks are given. With each level the difficulty increases. The most convenient thing is that at the very end answers are offered. In this way, you can complete the task until the result matches. This allows the child to move independently and automatically learn the rules.

In addition, these textbooks are useful for parents who want to track the progress of their children and help them learn. Let's not forget that in the program there are such difficult tasks that even excellent students are lost. The presence of GDZ will let you know the result and get to the bottom on your own to the answer. The child is aware of the principle and uses it in tests or exams.

Perhaps the greatest benefit comes from classes in the summer. During the holidays, the brain is useful to relax, but the child spends almost all his time on entertainment and cartoons, because of what forgets the information received. To avoid this, you need to periodically perform tasks and pass an already familiar program. Or use these months to master new knowledge before anyone else and no longer torn between subjects in the fall. After all, while studying in the children's memory they are trying to introduce a huge amount of new information. In order not to overload it, you can use free time and absorb knowledge in a quiet pace, concentrating, for example, only on improving the Russian language. Textbooks of ready-made homework will help not only to maintain the level of knowledge at the proper level, but also to enter the ranks of excellent students without the need for daily cramming.

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