Quality materials and presentations for teachers and self-education

Quality materials and presentations for teachers and self-education

Only those people who spend the lion's share of their time on self-education are truly successful. It is important to understand that this is a continuous process that does not end at the university. But the starting point is still there - the school. It is here that we not only gain a solid knowledge base, but also expand our understanding of the world and get used to the process of learning. However, the school is able to turn into a real hell, if the emphasis is on meaningless cramming. In order not to repeat such errors, look in the Source.

Getting information can be a boring and monotonous process if you don’t add variety. Dry facts annoy even the most purposeful adult, and what about teenagers who find it difficult to concentrate on one topic for a long time. Of course, there is an approved program, so you cannot change the curriculum or choose other textbooks on your own. However, it will be helpful for teachers to find additional materials to captivate students or to help them get deeper into the subject.

What resources to contact? The human psyche is designed so that the largest amount of information is remembered visually, that is, with eyes. However, if it is a long text, then the system does not work, because there is nothing to catch the attention of. Therefore, there are presentations, slides, pictures and videos. The child absorbs new information, and the visual row (photos, diagrams and drawings) allows you to directly create an associative chain and is easily laid in the subconscious. Therefore, any topic would be useful to complement such projects. However, there is a problem. The teacher is a difficult profession, since it requires you to give literally all your free time. In the classroom, new information is given, and at home examinations, dictations and essays are checked. Where to take time to search and develop presentations? In addition, it will take a lot of time to find slides on all topics for different classes. How to get out? Just use the already finished work!

The site contains all the presentations, notes, class hours, work programs, tests, quizzes and scripts for any class (1-12) and subject. Suppose you are preparing a material about money for Grade 8 for a financial literacy class. This is an important topic, because even adults do not always understand where their finances are going, what is the role of money and the mechanism of their turnover. On the site you will find a ready-made presentation with slides and text explanation. You just need to download and present to students.

Materials are suitable for three categories of people. First, the teacher. This saves time and allows you to diversify any occupation. Secondly, the students. Additional tests and presentations help to better prepare for classes and get around the knowledge of their classmates. Thirdly, self-education. It's never too late to learn. For example, you are interested in improving your knowledge of history or studying a specific topic. Just go to the “History” section, choose the class and favorite abstract or paragraph of the textbook. The good news is that you will not have to search through a pile of unnecessary information, because here you are offered a clear and concise presentation of the necessary information, accompanied by a visual line. Just one resource will save you time and help you learn more easily.

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