“Small Country”

“Small Country”

Analyzing successful people, we try to study not only their finish, but also to get to the start. It is important for us to understand how they differ from an ordinary person and what could affect their thinking. It turns out that the foundation is always laid in childhood.

We do not absorb genius with mother's milk and are not born Einsteins. Scientific studies show that geniuses are becoming. To do this, you need to give only a small prerequisite in the form of the correct starting point, which you will find here.

Most often, parents begin to worry about the education of their child from school or push them back to the moment of choosing a higher education institution. But the bottom line is that development should be thought of from the moment a kindergarten was chosen. It is important to understand that this is not only a playground so that the baby has something to do while you are at work. These first years are especially valuable for obtaining basic knowledge, which in the future will help the child to significantly exceed their peers in development.

What is it about? Children's brain on the principle of absorption of information resembles a sponge. He is sensitive to everything new and, with the right approach, gets the data to the subconscious. That is why psychologists try to look for the causes of all our problems in childhood. This is an important time when not only upbringing, the principles of social intercourse, behavior in society, but also leadership qualities, as well as knowledge, are laid. That is why it is so important to choose the right kindergarten, where the kid will be helped in a playful and accessible way to master the skills that adults are given with difficulty. “Little Country” is a place that offers the child a set of useful actions aimed at developing his personality. The kid will receive only high-quality nutrition, physical activity, regular walks in the fresh air, developing games, all-round development and proper behavior in the social environment.

Professional teachers place special emphasis on motivation and inventive thinking. That is, usually the kids get used to react to the actions of adults by whims and get offended if they don’t get it all just like that. But life is completely different. In kindergarten, a child will learn to adequately evaluate his work and to treat failures correctly. It develops character and the desire to achieve success. Also, there is no emphasis on mechanically cramming some material. Children are taught to approach solving tasks creatively and to enjoy the process itself. All this increases the desire for knowledge, which is difficult to inculcate in school years.

Physical education classes are also present, which take into account not only the standard set of exercises aimed at strengthening immunity and the formation of healthy habits, but also dance classes that help to improve coordination. Speech therapist services allow you to work on diction from an early age and instill a love of reading. The main thing is that all this happens in a game form in a circle of peers. A child learns how to get along with other children, resolve conflicts and find a common language. This method eliminates the desire for social isolation and boredom. Another nice and important bonus is learning the basics of English. Classes begin from the first day of admission and also take place in the form of a game. The kid does not learn the rules and does not try to memorize individual words. He is immersed in the language environment, where they focus attention on communicating with others. You will not have time to notice how your baby speaks better than you.

In addition, children receive knowledge of mathematics, music, art, choreography and get acquainted with the outside world. It is important to take into account that the formation of the child's psyche is influenced by the environment. Your child will be among children who strive for development, motivated by knowledge and are set up for friendly communication. All this will become an incredibly valuable starting point, which from an early age will show what the child is striving for, how he sees the direction of his future and what he wants to bring to this world. Then the choice of school and institution will no longer be something random, but will become a conscious goal. Remember that the future of your child depends on how he will begin and what skills he will acquire along the way.

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