Language Center "Lingvitaniya" in Ivanteevka!

Language Center

Welcome to the site of the language center “Lingvitaniya” in Ivanteevka!

At present, knowledge of a foreign language makes it possible to work in highly paid positions, travel to different countries, communicate with people of different nationalities and races, and make new personal and business acquaintances. You can also watch movies in the original, listen to and understand foreign music, read books by foreign authors and much more. We will be happy to help your child or you learn English, the most common language in the world today. Already literally in a month, thanks to a unique technique, students of the “Lingvitania” center begin to understand English speech, read, write and even speak.

Language Center

Our English courses are located in the town of Ivanteevka, next to a green landing, and this greatly improves the perception of information, near school No. 2 and the kindergarten Berehok. Pupils can independently visit our center. Additional study of English will positively contribute to student performance in school. And preschool children will not get tired while walking to us, as the center is within walking distance of the kindergarten. Our language center is constantly evolving and improving tried and tested techniques. We add new techniques to our learning for faster mastering of the material, we deal with textbooks written by English authors. We use audio materials that are recorded only by native speakers of English. Groups recruited from 4 to 8 people.

During classes, teachers with students speak exclusively in English, thus, there is a complete immersion in the language environment. For children of preschool age and schoolchildren of the first to fourth grades, training takes place in a playful way.

This approach is very effective in mastering English. All material is given and disassembled during class. The process of learning English takes place in a natural way, as well as in a child learning his native language. Teachers of the center are trying to give all the main material in class so that there are as little as possible tasks for the house.

Language Center

Our teachers are systematically required to take continuing education courses in the field of English language teaching. And our students have the opportunity to confirm their level of language skills with the help of Cambridge exams. This is a test system developed by the University of Cambridge. The exam consists of: listening, test, written and oral parts. Thus, you can check and confirm your level of proficiency in English. At the end, a certificate is issued with data on the level of knowledge of the language according to the European standard.

Now it is much easier to learn English in Ivanteevka, as there are our language center! You can easily find a convenient time for you to attend classes, so if you are interested, call and come to us. We will be very happy!

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