EnglishDom - quality technical English training

EnglishDom - quality technical English training

English quickly and confidently wins the communication niche of the entire planet. Humanity developed geographically, so there is nothing surprising in the formation of a rich linguistic base with a completely different structure, roots and traditions. Full possession of native speech, its wealth and grammar is already commendable, but this will not help if you want to expand your borders, go beyond the country, and sometimes just learn one of the professions.

Whether you agree with this or not, English is in first place in the world because it is considered a means of international communication. It is a universal language for traveling, working, reading all the new information and understanding of the human cultural layer. In this sense, the Americans and the British are very lucky, because this is their native language. But the rest have to spend time learning technical English, or at least mastering at a conversational level. The statistics look sad, since according to the annual survey of 80 countries in the category of low language proficiency, Russia was in a low position, sharing a place with Ukraine, China and Bangladesh.

Many dismiss and believe that there is no point in learning English, since working in one’s own country provides them with everything they need. However, everything changes. Now knowledge of a foreign language is not an advantage, but a requirement that most employers put if you want to get a high and paid position in a profitable company. In the end, you should be able to communicate with foreign customers and partners, and programmers can’t do without a technical language. And the point is not only that the programming language itself was created in English, but all the new information and data in this area come from Europe and America. You cannot wait for several years of translation, otherwise drop out of the course of events and yield to competitors. It is much easier to learn if you are a child, teenager, or at least a student. However, the lessons from EnglishDom are very popular among the older generation. The reasons for admission are always about the same: the requirement at work, the need to learn a new profession, the desire to go abroad or receive a promotion, as well as the desire to open access to knowledge from around the world. In any case, the classes are arranged in such a way that any adult can feel comfortable and rapidly turn out a lost base.

Training is arranged in the most convenient form - via Skype https://www.englishdom.com/. We live in the Internet era, so we don’t have to go to the other end of the city to school after work and spend precious hours. It is enough to have a computer and a network. The school provides professional teachers you choose at your discretion. On the site you will find in the public domain a questionnaire for each teacher with a detailed description of his age, level of education and the duration of teaching, and you can also take a free first lesson with him.

Each lesson covers 50 minutes and is held 2-3 times a week. Among the teachers you can choose, as the Russian-speaking, and media. You can start from the first, and already on mastering the subject, go to the second to work out the communication technique, expand vocabulary, get rid of the accent and remove the psychological fear of conversation. The school uses modern teaching methods and provides all the necessary materials in digital form. Your progress is monitored not only by the teacher, but also by the personal curator. If you master the program faster, you can always make individual changes. On the site you can read reviews from those who used the courses. Remember that the resource provides the most convenient and high-quality language learning in modern realities. Also, do not forget that fluency in English will open the door to any career in your home or other country. It remains only to enroll in courses, get training and enjoy the results in the form of a new position / work, relocation and salary increase.

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