Build a successful business using the example of Rustam Tariko

Build a successful business using the example of Rustam Tariko

Success is not prescribed in fate and does not serve as a gift from above. Therefore, one should not assume that successful people are born, they only become, constantly evolving and devoting themselves to their own business entirely. If you doubt your abilities or do not know what first steps to take, then study the biographies of successful businessmen who managed to reach heights and demonstrate excellent leadership skills. One of these is Tariko Rustam Vasilievich.

The biography of Rustam Vasilyevich serves as another vivid example of how you can literally build your own profitable business from scratch, guaranteeing quality for consumers. The life of the future businessman began in 1962 in the city of Menzelisk. At 17, he decided to change his place of residence to Moscow and entered the Moscow Institute of Transportation Engineers, where he studied economics.

An important indicator are the 80s, when the country was faced with social and economic transformations. This is the first example that changes should be used to your advantage. Tariko understood this, therefore his competent decisions allowed him to show an entrepreneurial spirit. He founded a company providing services to foreign tourists, simplifying the procedure for finding places in hotels in Russia. In the future, Rustam Vasilyevich Tariko realized that the basis of any business should be the main goal - to provide high quality and meet the needs of the buyer. Thus, in 1992, Rust Inc. appeared, which for several years became the largest Russian company selling imported and high-quality alcoholic beverages.

It is worth noting Tariko's approach to business. He understood perfectly well that any business is built on a brand that has a reputation. He did not want to copy similar companies, so he took the best foreign ideas, compared them with Russian realities and created, on the basis of this, a new trademark, which demonstrated the best quality life to which it is worth striving. So the company “Russian Standard” appeared.

At that time, for the Russian market, the idea seemed incredibly fresh. After all, Tariko offered to make high-quality imported goods affordable for any buyer, raising consumers to a higher level. Besides, why not make Russian vodka an example to which foreign companies should be leveled? And Rustam Vasilievich succeeded! Today, 85 countries are buyers of “Russian Standard” products. Then, at a time of crisis, when people could not get out of financial problems, a bank of the same name appeared with the necessary service — affordable loans. Now the client base of the bank "Russian Standard" includes 28 million satisfied customers. Further transactions and the right decisions allowed the Rust group of companies to emerge, which has become the largest producer of alcoholic beverages in Europe.

Tariko Rustam Vasilievich serves as an example of a businessman with principles. Any of his ideas should include innovation, development, and continuous improvement. That is why each new product becomes popular, as it is superior in quality to the previous one. In addition, Tariko devotes the lion's share of his time to charity, investing in the education and development of the young Russian generation.

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