A rich selection of watches from popular brands

A rich selection of watches from popular brands

Many representatives of the human race, especially businessmen and people immersed in work, constantly complain about the lack of time. That would stretch 24 hours and accommodate all planned cases. But in order to discuss time, it was necessary to come up with a tool for measuring it and the very concept of seconds and minutes. The history of watches covers thousands of years, reflecting the development and evolution of science and technology. Now you can easily try on elegant models from https://slava.su/, but the first watch movements were much more massive, and sometimes completely motionless.

It is believed that the first watch was sandy and was most widely spread in Asia. The word “clock” itself became popular only in the 14th century. Initially, no one could dream of a compact and attractive mechanisms that can be worn on the arm, without noticing the weight. People had to use the sunlight and cast shadows, which played the role of minute and hour hand on the created dial. These were massive models that can still be found as cultural heritage in parks and museums. Not many people know about the existence of a water clock, which first appeared in ancient Egypt, where they used moving water and flasks. The first portable watch appeared in 1504. It is even known that for the first time, Blaise Pascal tried on their wrist. Since then, the clockwork has become an important attribute in the image of any successful and advanced person. Moreover, as for the price they were not available to all sectors of society. The current generation does not always understand the interest in watches, because there are smartphones. However, it is important to realize that this is not only a compact time counter, but also a stylish part of the image, unobtrusively emphasizing your status and tastes.

Modern companies are trying to satisfy all the needs of the client, so they are betting not only on high-quality content, but also an attractive exterior design. Among thousands of different options you will be able to find one that reflects your nature and lifestyle. It is interesting that in appearance the watch is different for men and women, although there is also a unisex. You can focus on a business or romantic style, sports or classic. For example, the G-Shock line counts on brutality and strength. It is immediately evident that this is a detail of a strong male image.

The final choice is difficult to make, because not everywhere you can find information about the best companies. Moreover, the prices on the sites may vary. Yes, and the models themselves contain options that vary in color, inscriptions, details of the dial, etc. In order not to get confused and make a comfortable choice, use the services of the Slava trading house. We are talking about the manufacturer and distributor of popular brands of watches. Convenience is that on one site you can find all models from different manufacturers with all the necessary information, descriptions, photos and the ability to clarify details (there are representatives' contacts). Here you can find men's, women's and children's watches, popular models by countries (Japan, Switzerland, Russia), the choice of material, as well as exclusive watches with unusual additional mechanisms.

Especially attractive is the service with the creation of the logo. You need to choose your favorite model and just order the inscription. Thus, you can make the most individual watches that will be an excellent gift for any person. Do not forget that you can always find an interesting strap, unusual dial and shape. You will be satisfied with the choice and quality service.

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