Amazing features of the human design technique

Amazing features of the human design technique

Virtually every modern person seeks to understand himself and change his own life for the better. Any of us are given easy initiatives to some of us, because subconsciously there is a feeling of what is being done correctly. But not all people are so lucky. Sometimes you have to dive into the field of the unknown, and this can be helped today by a special technique called Human Design that uses both information from the mystical field and scientific data. Human Design takes into account not only the date of birth, but also other unique information.

What you need to know about human design

What is Human Design? The design of a person is commonly understood as a complex modern technique that studies the personality and what surrounds it. The main task of such a technique is to obtain a clear and precise picture of the prospects for building personal life, career, and relationships with others. Plus, learning allows you to find a vector for individual development.

What is the difference between this technique and all the others? The design of a person with the help of which a special map is created is not fundamentally similar to other theories. It helps to look deep into the inner “I” and allows you to:

  • reduce life resistance;
  • get to know yourself;
  • optimize life path;
  • find your own destination.

How the rave card is made and what it gives

Human design project is called bodigraph, or rave card. Make it simple enough. But for this you need to use basic information about a person:

  • number of birth;
  • month;
  • year;
  • his gender;
  • name;
  • the exact time of birth (hours and minutes);
  • place of birth.

A special feature of this approach is that it is based not only on astrological information. It includes the knowledge of the Indian chakra system. Plus, the methods of Kabbalah, quantum physics, genetics are involved here. More teaching uses information that is contained in the book of Changes, compiled many centuries ago in China.

Why do we need an individual rave card? In fact, the bodigraph gives complete information about the capabilities of a particular person. Thanks to deciphering the design card of a person, you can correctly build your further life path, which is especially important and valuable, when it is difficult to understand how to proceed, what to do, lost stability and a clear understanding of reality. Bodigraf will help to systematize all personal information, talk about the existing talents, abilities, internal resources. This will allow to achieve change for the better in all spheres of life.

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