Money does not hide: how to track money transfer

Money does not hide: how to track money transfer

There are payments for which the date of receipt is fundamentally important. For example, you borrowed money and pledged to return it until a certain date. Or someone needs your help, the bill goes to the clock, so that every day delay can be fatal.

In all these cases, controlling the status of the transaction is a natural desire and need. However, not all financial organizations provide such an opportunity. Most often, the sender has information that the funds have been debited from the account, and whether they are received by the second party can only be obtained from the recipient. And it is completely uncomfortable.

The Golden Crown money transfer system paid a lot of attention to studying all aspects of a transaction. What is important for the participants of the operation, what information should be available, how one can exercise control over transfers regardless of the country in which they are received - these are not idle questions, but clear and simple user needs.

On the website and in the Mobile Money Transfer application, the user can track the transfer and find out its current status. What are the status options?

  • “Ready for issue”. Appears after confirming and sending the transfer. It means that the addressee can pick up the money sent to him by presenting a passport and a unique transfer number at the point of issue.
  • “Issued”. The status of the transfer that was received by the addressee at the service partner point. Receiving a money transfer was made in cash.
  • “Issued return”. It is displayed for those transactions that were canceled by the sender, using the money-back service in the mobile application. Recall that this is possible only for those transfers that have not been issued or credited to the card.
  • “Sent to card”. This status is assigned to a transaction if the recipient has chosen to transfer the money to the bank card as the method of receipt. This type of service is currently available to holders of cards of Russian and Kazakhstan banks.

How to use information about transfer statuses?

First of all, this information can protect against claims from the addressee: it is enough to inform him when the money was sent and in what status is the transfer to relieve the tension. Be sure to inform the recipient that they sent money, call or give the transfer number in the messenger, e-mail or verbally. Do not be afraid of information leakage: only the transfer numbers are not enough to receive the funds sent by you. Even if it falls into the hands of third parties, they will not be able to withdraw money or credit it to their cards. On the other hand, without a unique numeric code that is assigned to each shipment, the real addressee will not be able to receive funds either.

If you have any questions about the status of the transaction made using the Golden Crown payment service, you can contact support: phone numbers are listed at

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