2GIS database - completeness of data on organizations and city

To find out any information about the company, contact details, working hours and so on, there is a unique database of 2 gis. This base can be used on:

1. Personal computers running:

  • Windows;
  • Linux;

2. Mobile devices with operating systems:

  • IOS;
  • Android;

Detailed Information

2GIS database - completeness of data on organizations and city

2GIS - provides not only extensive information about the city, places, institutions and firms, but also allows you to advertise your company and service by adding an organization to the database with full information about it. Until recently, the base 2 GIS provided contact addresses, including electronic mailboxes. Spammers often used 2 GIS to send spam, and for this reason, the developers in the online version hid them.

The 2GIS database provides a lot of advertising services, thanks to which you can increase the number of calls to the company and potential customers several times. At the moment there are 3 promotional packages available on the proposals:

  1. Basic. The price of this package is from 425 hryvnia per month. With the design of this package, you can get advertising on all platforms supported by the 2 GIS database, as well as advertising the company when viewing competitors.
  2. Priority. Registration of this package is possible for 648 hryvnia and above. Two more services are added to the above services, namely: the company logo will be shown on the map, which will attract more customers, and the priority for this announcement will be higher.
  3. Exclusive. The cost of the package is from UAH 2, 398 per month, while in addition to services from the previous package, media advertising is included. Such advertising attracts more attention from users and provides a greater increase in potential customers.


For ordinary users, the 2GIS database also has services. Regular users through this database can get a large amount of information about the city, institutions in the city, companies and services that you can get. About firms registered in 2GIS there is an opportunity to get detailed information about the services provided, work schedule, and location.

2GIS database - completeness of data on organizations and city

This base is useful both for residents of the city and for tourists who master and learn new cities. In this way, any person can look at interesting places for earlier, find their phone number, call and book a place.

Earlier it was possible to purchase a base with letters, and many organizations could send letters to users and notify them of discounts and services provided. But as it was previously said at the moment, the company is undergoing changes to protect its customers from an abundance of spam, so in the near future, such services may disappear not only from the online versions, but also from customers for applications that were previously loaded onto devices.

Nevertheless, it is one of the best platforms for providing information and advertising its services to the masses through the world wide web, which can be used both from a home computer or laptop, as well as mobile devices.

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