Unidentified object in Missouri. Photo and the story of witnesses

Unidentified object in Missouri. Photo and the story of witnesses

Many reports of strange objects or phenomena that hint at extraterrestrial activity come to the American non-profit organization MUFON for UFO research. In June 2018, a message was received from witnesses from Missouri, who sent a photo of a strange object.

Events occurred in the city of Warrenton. On June 19, 2018, at 11:15, the witnesses (they did not name them) were driving by car to the north along Church-Church Road. In total there were three people. They went to the store, which contained, but on the way they noticed an unusual object, hovering in the sky above the trees.

Unidentified object in Missouri. Photo and the story of witnesses

A UFO photo taken in Missouri in 2018

From the testimony of the witness:

I saw a large object resembling a dirigible. He moved over the line of trees to the west side. At first no one noticed him. But we drove a few hills, and then my friends saw it too. It seemed to me that it was a metal object, behind which there was a smooth surface reflecting sunlight. I think that it was pulled out on 160-180 m in length and 20-30 m in height ”.

The men continued to pursue the object, but they were surprised that it was moving too fast. One of the passengers took out a mobile phone and captured the object at the maximum approximation, which makes it appear blurry. Then the UFO deviated above the tree line and quickly flew away.

The witness continues:

The UFO profile always remained the same, although it was obvious that the object was moving. The sky was clear, no smoke or clouds. It was surprising how fast he overcomes the distance. The whole observation event lasted about 5 minutes ”.

According to the descriptions it may seem that this is a dirigible. But further research did not reveal that on that day one of the companies would release an airship into the sky. What is it? The quality of the photo is poor, so it’s difficult for the experts to describe. But the ufology of Joe Palermo and Debbie Ziegelmeyer recorded the event as an observation UFO, whose nature is still a mystery.

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