Incident in Alphen. What kind of an unidentified object saw the Portuguese in 1990

Incident in Alphen. What kind of an unidentified object saw the Portuguese in 1990

This is one of the European UFO sightings cases, which cannot be explained so far. However, witnesses are still alive who claim to have seen something that does not fit into the standard explanations.

The event took place on September 10, 1990 in the city of Alfena (Portugal). It all started at 8:30, when they first noticed a strange metal object with legs and in the shape of a sphere. He moved incredibly slowly and hung in the sky at a low altitude.

The object was first noticed by a group of schoolchildren heading for the class. At first, the children thought they saw an unusual balloon. Soon, other locals noticed a strange object floating in the air. Because of its bizarre form, it rather resembled a “turtle with long legs”.

Incident in Alphen. What kind of an unidentified object saw the Portuguese in 1990

The surface of the object reflected the morning sunlight, so residents began to guess that it was something metallic. For a short time interval, about 25 witnesses observed a UFO.

The locals were not only surprised, but also frightened by the sight of a UFO. Interestingly, some even tried to throw stones at him. During the review, we managed to take four photos of the object, which were sent to be studied by UFO researchers and scientists. Photos were obtained by Manuel Gomez, who was sitting at a local diner that morning. He was a photojournalist and worked for the Morning Journal News. Gomez always carried a camera with him, so he immediately went to the place of detection.

It was he who got the four shots. In his stories he assured that he had never seen anything like it. He conveyed his report and photographic negatives to the CNIFO research group, which has launched an investigation.

An hour passed, and the UFO finally disappeared over the horizon, leaving the shocked viewers alone with the questions that had arisen. It is important to note that the photographs of Gomez have been studied, and the examination has confirmed that there is no fake here. That is, the photojournalist really recorded a strange object in the sky. But what was it?

Ufologists believe that we have pictures of a real UFO. But scientists tend to believe that this is an unusual observational device launched by the military. Although the military immediately received a message that in Alphen at that time there were no aircraft in the air. This case in Portugal still remains unsolved.

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