Choosing jeans: which models are in trend?

Choosing jeans: which models are in trend?

Jeans are a basic piece of clothing. They harmoniously combine such qualities as stylish appearance, convenience, practicality and versatility. About what models will be relevant this season, we will talk in our article.

Women's jeans

If you need new jeans, then when choosing be sure to be guided by fashion trends. Stylish jeans and other women's clothing in Ukraine is presented in the online store Bolf. Stylists recommend to pay attention to such models:

  • boyfriends - these jeans have a baggy cut and look like they are several sizes larger than you need. However, this is the whole point! Choose boyfriends if you want to emphasize your fragility and elegance. Best of all, they look in a tandem with high heels. However, they can also be combined with sports shoes, if you want the image to be as comfortable and relaxed as possible.
  • Skinny - skinny jeans have not gone out of fashion for several seasons in a row. They cover the female silhouette, emphasizing the beauty and elegance of female legs. However, they look good only on slim and tall girls.
  • ripped - jeans with scuffs, holes and raw edges will bring a touch of grunge to the image. They look mega-stylish and modern. And the main thing is perfectly combined with clothes in any style: sports, everyday and even business. True, such models are designed for young girls. On adult women, they will look somewhat ridiculous.

Also in trend are flared jeans, straight cut, decorated with embroidery and appliqués.

Men's jeans

Jeans are the most democratic and practical element of men's wardrobe. They are all wearing, and an ordinary plumber and a successful businessman. Therefore, the question of their choice remains relevant. First of all, you need to pay attention to the cut jeans. According to this criterion, stylish jeans for men are represented by the following types:

  • classic - they have a straight cut and slightly narrowed legs. Therefore, they are a win-win option for a man with any figure;
  • narrow - they tightly fit the legs and hips and sits like a second skin. This model is an excellent option for athletes with inflated calves. But on thin or fat men they will sit ugly, emphasizing the flaws of the figure;
  • wide - they are distinguished by the presence of wide straightened leg. Go to men of normal physique.

Stylish style is not everything. An important selection criterion is the fit of jeans. It depends on how comfortable it will be to wear jeans. The most comfortable option is a standard fit. With her jeans sit a little below the waistline. There are also models with high landing. It reaches the navel itself, and sometimes completely covers it. Jeans with low rise look stylish, but not always comfortable, as they sit on the bones of the hips. As a rule, they are chosen by young people.

Pay attention to the color of jeans. For the cold season, it is preferable to choose dark shades. It can be black, slate, dark blue. Summer models, as a rule, are made in bright colors, starting with dazzling white and ending with light gray. They can be supplemented with scuffs or fringe, which are now at the peak of popularity.

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