The winter buff is a convenient accessory on a frosty day.

The winter buff is a convenient accessory on a frosty day.

A buff is a multifunctional dressing that can be worn in different ways. There are at least 8 varieties of wearing buffs: a hat, a scarf, a bandana, a balaclava, a cap comforter, a scrunchy, a scarf, a mask. This number of options is not limited, it all depends on the needs and imagination of the owner ????

The main material for the production of multifunctional bandanas is microfiber - a thin synthetic fiber, characterized by excellent moisture-absorbing and moisture-removing properties. Due to the excellent coloring and color fastness on microfibre, variations of the performance of thousands of buffs. In specialized stores you will find women's, men's and children's models, you can buy winter buffs or summer, classic monophonic or decorated with bright patterns.

How to choose a buff for yourself and your child?

The winter buff is a convenient accessory on a frosty day.

Before buying a buff, look at the important indicators of the product itself:

  1. Brand. The idea of ​​creating multi-dressing belongs to the creator of Buff, Juan Rojas. It was he who developed the version of the scarf-tube for use in motor sports, and then in different directions outdoor. Original Buff is the highest quality of materials, wear resistance and stylish design. Other brands picked up the idea of ​​Rojas and began to offer their outdorschik their vision of the buff, often cheaper and lower quality. And yet, some have managed to combine a democratic price with a good performance. Thus, the products of the Polish company 4Fun could gain popularity in Europe. Parents often buy a winter buff for their children, for example, the multifunctional 4Fun Polartec Kid bandage is in great demand this year.
  2. Material. In the production of winter buffs, a combination of microfiber + fleece is used. The quality of fleece can be different, so the option with Polartec is most preferable. The company Polartec is a leader in the production of fleece materials. Its fabrics are characterized by a high degree of thermal insulation, strength and durability. It is noteworthy that the company is ecologically oriented and uses recycled plastic bottles for the production of fleece.
  3. Intended Use. You can buy two types of winter buff - with microfiber and fleece, connected on one or two sides. The variant with full combination of materials is warmer, great for children, but less convenient. It will not work in order to transform the buff into a balaclava.

You can find the perfect buff for sports, travel and sports in the online store, where both legendary buff and products of lesser-known but reputable brands are presented.

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