Knitted items - originality of modern fashion

Knitted items - originality of modern fashion

A variety of clothes allows anyone to choose a stylish image for all occasions. People are no longer bound by frames in the form of standard evening lush dresses with corsets, tuxedos, heels and colors. Now you can combine different styles and look for those things that not only emphasize your best sides, but also allow you to show an individual approach.

It was on this wave that the fashion revival for stylish dresses, which are not made in the standard way, but using the knitting method, arose. First of all, such things are considered not only interesting and unusual, but also incredibly practical and convenient. This is the best purchase for those who travel frequently and have to carry things with them. It is important to understand that transporting in a suitcase still leads to bruising and an unpresentable appearance. However, manually-related things do not face a similar problem and retain their shape under any circumstances.

Let's consider the advantage of such a dress. First of all, originality is already felt in the manufacturing process itself. In the modern world, every person dreams not to merge with the crowd. Mass production of clothing loses its face every year and produces the same things. That is why girls always fear that they will meet someone with an identical outfit at the party. However, with manual knitting, this problem disappears, as the quantity is limited. Moreover, a specific hand was applied to the creation, which means the model would still have different final variants. Further, it is worth noting the high quality of such products. The fact is that hand-tied things will serve its owner for many years. Mass permits the presence of defective goods, which one way or another is on the market. However, in manual knitting, the master controls every centimeter of the product.

Do not forget about the side associated with the economy. Each product has a limited period of wear, so called programmed obsolescence. You can pay a huge amount for a branded outfit that can withstand several events. And at the same time you have to take into account that your dress (shape, color, style) can go out of fashion in just a couple of months. This will not happen again with hand knitting, where you give money for uniqueness, quality and a long period of operation.

And the most important will be the moment with compliance with weather conditions. Ordinary dresses are made of thick or lightweight fabric. It does not let the air through, which is why the body cannot breathe in hot weather, and you feel uncomfortable. But this is not comparable to the winter period, when you have to hide your outfit under a jacket or any other warming robe. Knitted dress instantly solves this problem. In winter, models with a denser and warmer knitting are chosen, and in the summer period, the lace knit is perfect.

Such models allow air to pass if necessary, do not rustle and do not hinder movement. In addition, you can sit down anywhere and not worry that you remember the fabric and leave an unattractive mark. Now knitted dress is equivalent to a little black dress from Coco Chanel. That is, it should be in the wardrobe of every woman of fashion. How to make the right choice? You need to know a few factors that will not make a mistake in the model. First of all, decide on the length. There are 3 main types: mini, midi and maxi. Each of them includes certain additions that hide flaws and highlight the merits.

Product design is based on a variety of patterns that correspond to the selected event. It can be as simple and elegant as a smooth mating, as well as the presence of azhur and boucle. Next you should think about color. There is a wide choice of monophonic models or multi-colored options with geometric shapes and unusual patterns.

At the very end, select the composition of the yarn. This is an important point, as it depends on how the dress will fall on your figure. Do not forget about the time of year when you are going to wear. For example, the cotton version is ideal for summer walks, but the merino wool will not allow to freeze even in the harsh winter.

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