Theater begins with a hanger

Theater begins with a hanger

Every successful institution attracts a huge stream of people. And many aspiring businessmen who plan to open their cafe, restaurant, theater, hotel or any other public place do not always understand how such popularity is guaranteed. It would seem that everywhere provide quality service and smiling service. However, someone closes in six months, while others successfully remain at the peak for decades. What is the secret?

Stanislavsky also said that the theater begins with a hanger. And the majority of smart people understand that the main task in any business is to think over trifles. Surprisingly, customers first of all pay attention not to the appearance of the main hall, the comfort of the chairs, the taste of dishes or the interior. They are interested in the quality of the toilet and cloakroom. Usually, the latter is given the least attention when planning. But the love of his work and care begins with the little things. Therefore, if a hanger fills everything in the theater, then you should think about dressing numbers in your establishment to buy.

Yes, it is in such nuances that the long-term success of institutions lies. It seems that this is utter nonsense, but here trivial human psychology works. You come to a certain place and give the outerwear. The cloakroom attendant gives you a number in exchange. All this time, while you are inside, it remains in your pocket or purse. Periodically, you examine it or feel it with your fingers, and this information is stored in your head. If this is something completely standard and ordinary, the plot will not be fixed in the memory. However, if the owner takes the time and comes up with an unusual design, as well as inserts a logo, then the hook is triggered. The client begins to understand that if you are worried about such trifles, then you should not worry about larger things, like quality of service. Moreover, the logo of the place will be practically in the person’s pocket, which means that the name of the place will unobtrusively bump into the subconscious.

On the site you will find various ready-made options for the forms and colors, where it remains only to add the name of the place. Made of double-layer plastic using laser engraving or color UV printing. Ordering can be done online, where it is important to specify the size, shape, material, method of application, the reciprocal part (if necessary), the segment (with what and what number you need to do), as well as various additional information.

Of course, you may not know the nuances of quality, so there is an opportunity to go through all the points with the manager. They will explain to you how to choose the right material, what quality to orientate, period of wear, etc. Special attention is paid to size and shape. Many customers get annoyed when they get very huge numbers, because they can’t be put into a pocket. But too tiny cause fear of loss.

The most interesting thing to work with the form and appearance. They attract the first attention. You can use ready-made models or provide your own design. Most remembered are those checks that are associated with the design of the institution. For example, if this is a beer establishment, then it can be made in the form of a barrel or a beer mug. In the case of a medical center, a physician or a famous snake is well suited. It is also important that the manufacturer focuses on practicality. You can create an amazing design, which is enough for a short life. Therefore, they try here so that the number will serve for a long time and not lose at the same time its presentability and novelty. It is also important to consider peeling paint, which can spoil the clothes. Therefore, the variant with double-layer American Rowmark plastics is used, eliminating this problem. If necessary, apply the image using the method of a laser beam evaporating the top layer. Underneath it shows the bottom with a distinctive color. There is also an option with a metallized surface made under “gold” or “silver”.

When ordering, you can ask any questions and discuss the details of interest. Specialists will do everything to ensure that your wardrobe checks are memorable, high-quality and last as long as possible.

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