How to decide to speak first with a man

How to decide to speak first with a man

Since ancient times, some foundations and customs concerning the relationship between the opposite sex have been preserved in our society. Often, they are the reason why these relationships never begin. For example, why a girl cannot begin to communicate first; why should a man do this? Such situations lead to the fact that women do not find a mate until they decide to take the first step. In this article we will try to reveal the most important secrets of the right behavior when meeting a guy.

How to behave with a guy when we first met

If you like a man with whom you are not familiar, but really want to fix it, listen to the following tips:

  • You want to honor yourself with the attention of a young man you like, be active, men love these;
  • It is important to awaken in him a feeling of omnipotence. For example, ask him to do something in which he is strong;
  • Sometimes, it will be right to help him;
  • Treat a young person with coffee, tea, dessert or other goodies. And if you have been watching him for a long time and you know what he prefers, it will be a success to order in advance, before his arrival, his favorite dish or drink;
  • Think about what words you will say when you first speak;
  • Find common preferences, etc.

You can get acquainted or talk to a man everywhere: in a cafe, in an elevator, on the street, standing in a traffic jam. The main thing is to behave easily and naturally, so that it does not look like a specially written and prepared in advance script. Believe me, a man who is not averse to continue communicating with you will definitely not like it.

Remember that talking first is not a manifestation of some disrespect for yourself or a violation of the foundations of society, it is quite normal.

Mistakes when meeting a man

Many girls, wondering: how to talk to a man first, they rush to immediately begin to act, lowering the stage of reflection. For a start, it is necessary to determine for yourself what kind of man you need, what qualities he should possess.

What are the mistakes often made by girls, deciding to speak first with a man:

  • They are in a hurry to immediately rush to the guy's neck, but you should just show your sympathy, show that you are interested in him. Further, the development of events lay on his strong shoulders and wait for the initiative from him;
  • Pretend not to notice the attention that the young man is showing. In such a situation, it is also worth showing your interest, if it is of course.
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