Love horoscope: male Taurus in relationship

Love horoscope: male Taurus in relationship

Taurus man - a circle of interests is extensive, acts fairly, has a strong will, perceives relationships to heart. Conservative in views, prefers a comfortable atmosphere, comfort, exquisite cuisine. How do you like the representative of this zodiac sign?

Love horoscope: male Taurus in relationship

What women like the representative of this mark

Male Taurus in a companion prefers women with a highly paid profession, who have achieved significant results in their careers. He takes into account what kind of mistress she is, what mother will be. Communicating closely with a woman is easy, pleasant, but often a Taurus man in love is pathologically jealous. The woman who interested him first studies, creates an atmosphere of sincere relations, sympathy. Show courtesy and patience on the first date.

After some time, feeling a good feminine disposition, this man will decide on a close relationship. He easily perceives the language of gestures, understands the views, and may not respond to words and compliments properly. A woman who wants to leave a mark in the soul of a Taurus man must learn to understand this feature.

Preferences in love relationships

A Taurus man in love prefers all kinds of sensual pleasure, sexual compatibility with a woman is no less important for him than exquisite dishes and good wine. Men of this zodiac sign surprise with their sensuality. Enjoying intimacy with him can last long enough, and the prelude will be memorable. The representative of this sign receives true pleasure only in an absolutely comfortable environment. The environment should be different beauty, caress the eye and body. This does not mean that he accepts a supporter of careful planning in love. He can make love in the open. He owns a passion, a man will be able to make a passionate desire to capture a woman.

He is an extraordinary lover, his passion can last the night away. It is attentive enough, instantly responds to caress, a touch, kisses. Feeling blissful, a man gives a woman tenderness, shows sensitivity.

Responsibility to a woman and family

A Taurus man is responsible to a woman with whom he has intimate intimacy. Windiness is alien to him, remains faithful. He is not inclined to be wasted on trifles, he is not tempted by fleeting desires, does not give in to momentary mood. He is truly reliable, his family’s priority is his priority. The material side of family relations is completely on it, shows attention, care. The family is charged with positive energy, which supports his desire to create the best comfort for his family and himself.

Relations with representatives of different zodiac signs

The relationship of a Taurus man with a representative of the fire sign Aries is complex. Aries seems to him lightweight, naive, and Taurus irritates Aries with excessive skepticism, slowness. With a woman Taurus - the commonality of interests and binding to material values ​​bring them together, but over time, similarity can turn into boredom, capable of destroying a seemingly strong union.

Relations with Gemini develop tensely. The pace and ownership of information Gemini is not available for the representative of Taurus, they are for him lightweight and superficial. The man of this sign infuriates the beautiful Gemini with distrust and stubbornness.

Union with a woman Cancer can be harmonious. Cancer needs the material stability that Taurus provides. The subtle sensitivity of the representatives of the Cancer sign helps the men of this sign not to lock on the material side.

Very problematic relationship with a woman born under the sign of Leo. She is characterized by self-admiration, an increased interest in entertainment, and Taurus - a homebody. She accuses him of excessive frugality.

Harmonious alliance with the Virgin. Beautiful representatives of this sign are good housewives, affectionate and devoted wives. This is perfectly combined with the loyalty of the man of Taurus, his desire for comfort and coziness.

Difficult relationship with Libra. Passionate Taurus is difficult to accept the internal coldness of Libra. A woman strives for public approval, it is oppressed by a man’s excessive attachment to material values.

On the physical level, Taurus and Scorpio are well suited, relationships are harmonious, but marriage can bring difficulties because of the unusually hot nature of the partner. A tense relationship with a woman Sagittarius develops because of the constant self-righteousness. She is irritated by his conservatism.

Favorable alliance with Capricorn. He is attracted by the thrift and domesticity of the Capricorn woman, she appreciates in Taurus the ability to earn, not waste, care about the welfare of the family.

Relationship Taurus and Aquarius develop very hard. The lightness and coldness of a woman of Aquarius anger and annoy Taurus, it is difficult for a representative of Aquarius to reconcile herself to trying to limit her freedom.

Taurus and the Pisces representative find a common language. Woman Fish is ready for the family well-being to sacrifice themselves. For him, the family also stands in the main place.

There are happy people who are ready to make compromises, who can forgive, where everything is subject to the great power of love and mutual understanding, and the stars only give hints.

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