What dreams of many bedbugs?

What dreams of many bedbugs?

Bedbugs are very unpleasant insects, causing many internal shudder and disgust. Therefore, many are interested in what the bedbugs dream about, since by default it seems to everyone that such dreams can hardly foretell something pleasant and always symbolize something terrible.

Dream Interpretation: Bugs in the Apartment

If in a dream there were many bedbugs in the apartment, and they crawled up the white wall, be prepared for a serious illness. It will take a lot of energy from you, it will be quite long, but in the end you will recover, so you should not be afraid and wind yourself up.

The bug is a type of envious person. If you dreamed of this insect, be careful: in your environment there is a person who breathes unevenly and envies you terribly. Therefore, it is advisable to reconsider your social circle and stop communicating with this person, otherwise he will use all the information received against you.

According to the romantic dream book, bedbugs, dreamed of a young girl, mean that her partner is two-faced. She should be more attentive and watch her boyfriend, really, whether he feels for her romantic feelings or just talking about it.

What dreams of many bedbugs?

If you dream of hordes of these insects, and you are trying to destroy all of them in a dream by chemical means, be careful. Your selfless work and commitment to your work is good, but you should not work to the detriment of your health. If you do not heed this warning and do not pay more attention to your health, you will be overwhelmed by a serious illness. Then all your achievements are unlikely to please you.

To dream of already dead parasites is a positive sign. In the near future you will be able to find complete peace of mind and tranquility.

Russian dream book treats the abundance of insects differently. As a rule, they dream of small, but unexpected troubles, which greatly annoy and confuse.

Many bugs in the house

A huge number of these parasites - not good. Fatal events are waiting for you somewhere very close, around the corner.

Catching these insects in the house - to a new acquaintance. The person with whom you meet will initially seem unpleasant, unsympathetic and absolutely not trustworthy. But over time you will have to have a fairly close relationship with him.

Slavic dream book says that these parasites always dream of unpleasant communication with a boring companion.

Bed bugs are sleeping in bed

Finding one of these parasites in bed is bad. Be careful: there are plenty of people around who envy you and want to destroy your happiness near your loved one by any means. It is possible that they will spread thin rumors and gossip (about you or about your soulmate). Do not believe these tales - they are all false.

Unwanted guests in bed can mean that someone is plotting against you. It may even be the closest people about whom you could never even presume. If you plan to participate in a risky transaction, it is better to give up your intention. It will not lead to good.

A man to see in a dream a bug biting him - to improve the material situation, a woman - to shame.

Knowing what the bugs dream about, you can prepare yourself for the coming unpleasant changes. However, it is not a fact that all these omens will be true. The man is the blacksmith of his own happiness and his own destiny. If he stops looking for the guilty, becomes balanced and calm, will be more attentive to his health, it is quite possible that all troubles will bypass him.

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