What is a soul

What is a soul


Much has been said about the soul, do not count. And yet, what is the soul? Is this rhetorical question or can you get to the bottom of the truth? Probably, there is no person who did not think about it, did not try to imagine this not tangible substance.

“Excuse me,” you say: why is this “not tangible”? After all, we feel when the soul cries, when it rejoices. How can you not reckon with this feeling?

Right. There is a feeling. But the question is where is it located? For centuries, people have been singing the human heart, as the container of all feelings and desires. But the time has come to high technology and replaced it with a donor. And the man has not changed! This gave a new impetus for reflection.


But we see that thinking about the soul, about our desires within the framework of this world does not lead us to the truth. It seems that this is the case when it is worth referring to the original sources. Pupils of the Kabbala la-am association will tell us directly and openly: desires are outside of man. And they are determined by the natural qualities of the egoistic and altruistic.

In selfish desires, we feel our world and ourselves in it, naturally. And in the altruistic will be harder to understand. Nevertheless, we will try. It is known that the ego is the essence of man. But there is a real possibility in some way to correct egoistic desires for altruistic ones. What does this give us? Similarity to the Creator! Such is the highest nature. Its creative power or the Creator is the source of love and goodness. He is the giver, and we, the creatures that receive. We are opposed to him! Therefore, we cannot feel it in our egoistic desires.


It turns out when a person acquires altruistic properties and only then can he feel the Creator. But how to do this in practice? After all, we do not have the feeling that we lack connection with the source of life!

The Creator himself took care of this. He put a small spark in each of us. The eternal component of our spiritual "I". This connecting point is the germ of the soul. Soul of the true, located outside the human body.

Then what should be attributed, for example, to the thrill of contemplating art? Or delight of beautiful music? Isn't that spiritual? We may disappoint you, but this is only the ability of our animal body to perceive the beautiful. No more. And what animates us, if not the soul? The answer is simple: vital force gives life to the physical body.

But the real soul must also be developed in itself. But how is this possible if its sprout is crushed by a huge layer of egoism? And call over? After all, the Creator did not deprive anyone of a spiritual spark.

He awakens everyone in their own time to the desire to comprehend their root. And then a person begins to seriously think about the meaning of life. He feels emptiness, nothing pleases him in this life. And nostalgia for something unknown attracts him to no one knows where. There are more and more such people in the world today. After all, this whole mess around, is nothing but a direction to find the source.

When a person ultimately corrects his egoism for altruism, for love of neighbor, he begins to feel the Creator. It is this corrected desire from receiving to bestowal that will be called the soul.

We invite everyone to find the soul!


The Kabbalah La Am or Bnei Baruch Association is an Israeli non-profit and non-political organization. It is also known as the International Academy of Kabbalah (IAC). Founded by Kabbalist M. Lightman in 1991. Its goal is to study and disseminate Kabbalistic knowledge in the world in order to raise the spiritual level of all people on the planet.

The study is conducted strictly according to the original Kabbalistic sources of the ARI, Rashbi, Baal Sulam and Rabash. The materials are submitted in a research, modern style, therefore, they are accessible to the understanding of each person.

Natalya Petrova

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