What are uggs in fashion now?

What are uggs in fashion now?

Every year more and more women refuse to wear heels and switch to comfortable and practical shoes. Uggs can not be loved for their appearance, but in terms of comfort, these boots come first. Every year designers surprise people with new models, finishes and color solutions.

Fashionable ugg boots 2019-2020

It is believed that the fashion for uggs passed a few years ago, but this season they again appeared on fashion podiums. Famous sports brands such as Nike and Adidas improved the design of boots and made them more comfortable. Therefore, such a sports option today in the trend. The sole of such models is elastic and does not let in moisture. In the shoes you can safely walk in the winter and even play sports. New trends of the season:

  1. Fur trim. Use both artificial and natural material. This may be furry or short-haired.
  2. Bows. For their manufacture apply durable tape that holds the shape. Bows are located on the side or back of the boots. There are various lacing options.
  3. Knitted patterns. In the season 2019-2020 they are especially popular. Available in various colors and patterns. Knitted can be individual items or the whole boot. Buttons, as an element of decoration, look especially harmonious. Ugg height is also different.
  4. With sequins. For more "gloss" use shiny sequins. Sequins create a holographic effect that looks quite original.
  5. With buttons. This model looks very stylish and is suitable for both sexes. In the female version, the button is decorated with rhinestones or stones. Short ugg boots have one button from the side, high models have three buttons each.
What are uggs in fashion now?

To buy fashion models offers shop Ugg Kiev. The company has a wide range of ugg at affordable prices. This year, in addition to the classic colors in fashion, bright boots with prints. Manufacturers of popular boots are worried that the leg in the uggs will be firmly fixed. Therefore, use straps, rubber bands, lacing. Fashion uggs can be bought with fur pompoms or other details. For those who do not wear natural fur, artificial substitutes provided for are no worse. Trendy decor:

  • rhinestones;
  • sequins;
  • beads;
  • decorative zippers;
  • metal buckles;
  • ethnic embroidery;
  • chains;
  • geometric ornament.

Uggs in laces also look original. Recently, new heeled models have appeared on the market.

Last season, boots were of medium length. This year are popular short models. They fit low girls with full legs, so the figure looks more proportionate. But in general, uggs of high and medium length are also popular. It is only important that the style fit on the figure and combined with clothing.

What are uggs in fashion now?

What to wear?

A classic combination of uggs with jeans. You should choose skinny skinny models. Wide jeans and trousers will look ridiculous. If you combine uggs with leggings, you need to wear an elongated top that will cover the buttocks. And a few more tips:

  • you should not combine sheepskin boots with clothes below the knees, this applies to both dresses and coats;
  • business suits, long natural coats and uggs - this moveton;
  • uggs can be easily worn with knitted and woolen knee-length dresses, the summer version is combined with light dresses and sundresses;
  • as an accessory, they use a volume scarf, a snood, a beret, a large knit hat, large bags;
  • Wearing uggs should not be applied evening makeup;
  • Uggs are combined with not expensive knee-length coats, a coat, and a down jacket.
What are uggs in fashion now?

If we talk about colors, there are no restrictions. Ugg can be bought in different colors: from classic black to bright pink. Boots with snowflakes, geometric shapes and ethnic ornament do not go out of fashion. The trend is also a design for camouflage. Most famous models with animal ornaments, in particular leopard print.

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