Types of permanent makeup

Types of permanent makeup

Permanent makeup has many benefits for people who are getting older, are allergic to decorative products, or just want to save money on cosmetics. For a specialist in this field, the main task is to help clients who would like to feel more beautiful and look better. To do this, you need to be as knowledgeable as possible about the features of the procedure for applying permanent makeup.

Who is suitable for permanent makeup

Permanent makeup or micropigmentation, is a cosmetic procedure that is suitable for people who want their makeup to remain durable, not smeared and does not flow under any circumstances. If a person is tired of traditional makeup, then this is the best way out. After a while, you may have to make a correction, but for the most part it will remain on your face for a year or two. For a specialist in permanent make-up, it is necessary to know the differences in procedures and features of the conduct to help customers become as beautiful and confident as possible.

Eye Makeup

Eye makeup makes them brighter, more expressive and aesthetically pleasing. It can be done in several ways. There is a permanent eyeliner and eye shadow. The first option may be applied to the upper or lower eyelid. As with any type of eyeliner, permanent makeup can create different effects: make the look more mysterious or, on the contrary, more naive. The method of applying the liner depending on the thickness can help the client to get the desired result. Eye shadows come in a variety of colors and styles. This technique is very complicated, and requires high skill to make-up look natural.

Eyebrow Makeup

This procedure helps to create more attractive eyebrows. Master corrects the shape of the eyebrows of the client or creates it again It is outlined and filled with a special pigment. With this procedure, the face becomes more attractive, fill in areas in which there is no hair.

Permanent makeup can help those who want to get a more attractive, perfect eyebrow. This procedure is indispensable for people who have undergone chemotherapy, alopecia, or who have lost hair for other reasons.

Permanent lip makeup

This procedure is intended for those who are tired of applying lipstick or are not satisfied with the color and size of the lips. With this procedure, a more natural appearance is created, a bright color and fullness of the lip is added. Customers can choose permanent makeup pigments, which are their favorite lipstick color.

It is also necessary to pay much attention to hygiene and eliminate germs and pollution. This helps the barrier protection for the tattoo. It is a special covers for cars and clip-cords.

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