Blankets in the online store - bright models at an affordable price

Blankets in the online store - bright models at an affordable price

Plaids in the online store - bright models at an affordable price

The plaid is a home textile with a long history. And at the very beginning, it performed completely different functions. A piece of thick linen with an interesting ornament was warm clothes of shepherds. And in combination served as a warm cape in the mountainous expanses of Scotland.

Presently the plaid continues to carry out the warming functions, but only not in quality of clothes. Serves as a blanket, floor mat, protector from the wind in nature. Very often one product is used for both adults and children. Therefore, choosing a textile update, consider the following characteristics:

How attractive the product looks. Here not only color is important, but drawing, pattern, combination of colors with the texture of the canvas.

How well does it keep warm

Is it safe for health. This indicator is influenced by a number of factors, namely: from which fibers the raw material is chosen, the quality of the color and the dye itself.

Choose the optimal properties of the blanket in the online store. The price of a product will always depend on a combination of several factors: size, manufacturer, raw materials used. The main role in pricing, of course, is given to the material. Blankets online store offers from natural and synthetic raw materials. Wool and cotton products are the most expensive. Synthetic fibers are much cheaper. But they should not be compared either in characteristics or in properties. In fact, they have different missions, therefore, they have different requirements. To spread the blanket in nature or to hide from the wind in the gazebo there is no need to take an expensive wool item with you. It is difficult to care for it, therefore, the use of a natural rug outdoors will lead to its rapid deterioration. And at a cost, blanket and wool fibers are more expensive than other models. Why spoil the wonderful textiles, if for the street you can buy a product for its intended purpose.

What to choose for walks and travel? Pay attention to the models of acrylic, microfiber, fleece, velsoft. They are intended for outdoor use. Of course, they can wrap up at home. Moreover, manufacturers offer many colors. They perfectly dilute the interior and cheer up if you take it on a trip or hiking.

Practical and inexpensive synthetic blankets are very popular. They can be used at home and on the street. The versatility of this textile appreciated many housewives.

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