How to decorate a wedding celebration with flowers: florist tips

How to decorate a wedding celebration with flowers: florist tips

A special day in the life of young people is the day of their painting, their wedding day. And preparation for it begins in advance so that everything is harmonious and perfect! Therefore, when organizing, great attention is paid to the choice of fresh flowers for the young and the bride, for guests and relatives, as well as for decorating the ceremony area, the banquet table and the territory for the photo shoot. Today, masters of flower affairs of such venerable portals, as and others like him, offer unique solutions for a colorful and harmonious design of functional celebration zones. And without compositions, garlands, three-dimensional figures and bouquets is not enough!

How to decorate each zone at a celebration, or paying attention to the little things and details

A good online flower shop in Kiev offers its customers not only original wedding bouquets for the young, boutonnieres for the groom, but also compositions, garlands, and three-dimensional figures for the territories where the photo session is held, a festive table is organized, also created a zone for the ceremony. And for each of them, florists offer something original and special (for example, a new trend in floristics - original bouquets in boxes)! For example, for the territory of the photo shoot you can do order flowers in Kiev in accordance with the following stylistics:

  • the tropics. This means that the celebration takes place in the African, similar or ethno style. Everything should be bright, stylish and original. At the same time, not only subtropical plants, succulents and some types of cacti can be used as decorations, but also long creepers and mini fruits. Why not?!;
  • green style. Diverse green is optimal for all other shades and tones, it serves as the main elements of the eco style, the components of which are the natural blur of shades and shapes, slight negligence and a certain note of identity
  • blurred watercolor. This is an option in which a single color turns into a completely different one gently, easily and simply. He pleases with atypicality, romance, creates an atmosphere of fairy tales, enchantment and bliss;
  • a loft that combines complex textures and textures, a brick shade, as well as a mouse, steel and terracotta. He is a preference for an innovator who goes forward all the time and loves dynamics;
  • forest fairytale. It is a combination of natural and natural shades, candles and dekova, created by yourself, ribbons and laces into a single whole.

Decorating a banquet table with fresh flowers is difficult, because it is full of festive dishes, dishes and appliances. What do florists do in this case? Place the compositions and bouquets ... above the table. They seem to hover, enchant and enchant everyone present. Luxurious, rich and glamorous!

In a certain style you can and should arrange the territory of the painting. Usually it is spacious and free, so there is where to place tall vases with flowers on long legs, hang flower garlands, decorate the surfaces with flower figures and other props. In addition, each flower is selected in accordance with the overall style of the celebration, colors, decorative details and other subtleties.

But choosing and ordering flowers for a celebration is only half the battle. The second half is operational and effective flower delivery in Kiev using couriers. They will accurately load fresh flowers into the car, deliver it in advance so that the manager and his assistants have time to decorate the territory.

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