Quality stairs for your home

Quality stairs for your home

Any modern high-rise building consists of a specific set of key elements, without which it cannot be dispensed with. And at first glance, they can determine the quality of the selected materials and how well the details are thought out in the design. One of these elements are stairs and platforms. You are confronted with these concepts every day when you enter the staircase or climb the stairs to your floor. Let's take a closer look at them.

We are talking about reinforced concrete structures, which are very popular due to the high level of stability, long service life and indispensability in standard construction rules. After all, where you will meet a multi-storey building, in which only the elevator operates? However, it can be seen how, near some entrances, the steps are falling apart or appear to be uneven. Therefore, it is important to choose the right company and qualified executor for the job.

First of all, it is important to remember that only reinforced concrete answers to all safety and reliability rules. Therefore, initially focus on this material when choosing. Do not think that only high-rise and industrial houses in cities need platforms and flights of stairs. Now they are also used in country-type housing, cottages and any types of private households. Moreover, developers are happy to agree to this option, because it not only looks aesthetically pleasing, but also gives an advantage in saving, the duration of the operational period and reliability. Of course, homeowners dream of giving their own home a highlight or maximum individuality, so as not to repeat neighboring ideas. This is quite feasible, because there is a huge variety of elements of decoration and decor, which will allow you to create a unique style to suit your aesthetic preferences.

Stair flights are: basement, interfloor, basement and attic. But the staircases are found on floors (they are on the same level with the flooring) and interfloor (they are considered as an intermediate element installed at a height). We are accustomed to look at the flight of stairs in ordinary high-rise buildings, but does such a reinforced concrete structure fit into the comfort of home? Of course! For example, the design can be revetted with wood and choose a warm color of paint.

You can choose the ordinary steps or zabezhnye. The differences are in appearance, the rules of installation work and dimensions. The selection is taken into account at the design development stage and the preparation of a general work plan. You have the option of combining types of compounds and materials. The flight of stairs is single (one floor) and difficult (two or more).

If you decide to place an order, you must also learn to understand the types of staircases based on the presence of a turn. The easiest is considered to be a straight flight of stairs. However, it is also the most dimensional, so it does not always fit into the version with a private house. It has the same steps. There is an in-ground swivel flight of stairs. Here the design is set so that the smoothness of the rotation is maintained. This allows you to significantly save on the space allocated for the installation of stairs. It also uses ordinary steps, but connect the timbers. There is still a turning staircase with a platform. Before you is a complex variety, where at a separate lifting point it is necessary to make a turn of 90 or 180 degrees.

Follow the link if you want to learn more. The flight of stairs and platforms are made according to strict technical standards, the parameters of which are indicated on the website. There you will also get acquainted with the list of materials used, the conditions of the order, payment and delivery.

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