Incident over Mansfield - 1973. The military in the helicopter described a red unidentified object

Incident over Mansfield - 1973. The military in the helicopter described a red unidentified object

In 1973, army helicopter passengers saw something strange and recorded their observations in an official report. But until now, no one has provided an explanation for what happened.

December 18, 1973 at 23:00 a team of four people flew a helicopter of the American army reserve. They flew over Mansfield (Ohio). Suddenly Major Larry Coyne noticed something strange. At first they thought that a beacon had appeared on the horizon.

In 1975, Larry Coyne shared with a reporter:

We flew at an altitude of about 760 m, when the crew chief noticed a red light on the eastern horizon. Then I and the others saw this light, which moved in our direction. As the object approached, it became larger, and its brightness increased. We decided to lower the height to avoid a collision. The object resembled a rocket, which began to decline with us. When the collision was inevitable, the object slowed down and hung in front of us! ”.

Coyne said that a green glow was released from an unusual bright red object, which penetrated into the helicopter cockpit. The team realized that it was faced with something unusual.

We first thought that this was a high-performance fighter. But the device hovered right in front of us, so that the team was able to see a cigar-like shape. He had no wings, a vertical or horizontal stabilizer, and was stretched out at a length of 18 m. ”

Further stranger things happened. The helicopter was at an altitude of 518 m. The green light left the cabin, and the object began to slowly move to the west side.

Coyne continued:

I was afraid that we were too low and would fall, but something pushed us. In a matter of seconds, we ascended upwards. I looked at the altimeter and noticed how in one instant we changed the height from 518 m to 1158 m! ”.

When the helicopter got up, four men felt a blow resembling turbulence. Then the helicopter again dropped to 760 m and no more jumps in altitude were observed. The dumbfounded crew continued to fly to Cleveland.

Larry Coyne is convinced that they happened to come into contact with a UFO. Especially since there were eyewitnesses in the flight area who noticed a helicopter and a strange red glow nearby. In the army, no one interfered with Coyne and the team to talk about what they saw. Moreover, he was allowed to share the story at the UN meeting in 1978. Interestingly, the cases of "collision" of UFOs and terrestrial aircraft, such as helicopters and airplanes, are considered to be the most frequent occurrence. The pilots themselves admit that they constantly see something strange in the sky.

Back in 1999, NASA created the National Aviation Reporting Center, where pilots can report abnormal events. 6-12 reports a year. Richard Haynes (senior researcher at NASA's California research center) believes that “contact” events can be a serious danger to pilots.

Haynes also did not doubt the history of Koyne, because he believed in his reputation as an excellent pilot. Therefore, he advises to respond and study such cases in order to better understand the characteristics of UFOs and the objectives of the alien mind.

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