Helicopters, tanks and spacecraft. What are the abydos hieroglyphs

Helicopters, tanks and spacecraft. What are the abydos hieroglyphs

Ancient Egyptian hieroglyphs still hold a huge amount of secrets for modern researchers. Ufologists, who were able to see the figures of modern tanks and helicopters, were also able to see their interest. But how could they even appear in such an early period of time?

Helicopters, tanks and spacecraft. What are the abydos hieroglyphs

The figure of a helicopter among abydos hieroglyphs. The architectural monument supporting the roof of the First Hall of the Temple of Seti I in Abydos is decorated with hieroglyphs that recognize the figures of modern technology, such as a helicopter or a submarine. In fact, they appeared due to the erosion of the surface of the stone and re-use for the application of new inscriptions.

Take a closer look. Seriously, carefully consider the image of the Abydron hieroglyphs. Nothing like? Among the figures clearly visible helicopter, elongated tank or submarine, as well as the likeness of a spacecraft. But the analysis showed that the age of the inscriptions reaches about 3,000 years (during the melting of Seti I).

For the first time these images found in the temple of Osiris, located in the city of Abydos. The figures seemed strange, but they were paid special attention only in 1997. The study of photos took UFO researcher Ruth Hover. She considered that the ancient people depicted artificial devices, reminiscent of modern technology. But how could they know about them?

Helicopters, tanks and spacecraft. What are the abydos hieroglyphs

According to the paleocontact hypothesis, then in ancient times alien visitors visited the Earth. This could be the first alien astronauts. This hypothesis created two scenarios:

  • direct contact. In this case, the aliens gave people the knowledge that allowed them to create the necessary aircraft already in those times. Some even claim that they were used by ancient people for their intended purpose.
  • observations. That is, the aliens and people did not contact. However, earthlings could see strange adaptations. They did not understand the purpose, but captured them in temples in the form of hieroglyphs.

Therefore, ufologists and supporters of paleokontakt are convinced that these reliefs serve as direct evidence of contact with extraterrestrial intelligence. However, there is a scientific explanation for these hieroglyphs, which appeared in 1992.

Most of the temple complex was created during the reign of Pharaoh Seti I. At this time, the first inscriptions were applied. Then his son, Pharaoh Ramses II, ascended the throne, who decided to change the inscriptions. This is not surprising, since this practice was often used by the ancient Egyptians. It is believed that the two inscriptions laid on each other. The solution lies in the mechanism for changing the inscriptions. The old hieroglyphs were simply knocked down with a chisel, and in their place a fresh layer of a special mixture was applied, on which new shapes were extruded. It is believed that over time, parts of the plaster just fell off, forming reliefs found by archaeologists. For example, a helicopter appeared at the site where the name “Set I” was reworked in “Ramses II”.

The scientific world agrees with this explanation, but ufologists continue to argue. Too clear it seems the shapes of aircraft in ancient images. What do you think?

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