How UFO Hunters Appeared

How UFO Hunters Appeared

It seems that ufology and the hunt for aliens are products of modern times. With the development of the Internet, more and more people become familiar with conspiracy theories and become their supporters. Moreover, modern technologies also make it possible to manufacture high-quality fakes. But it all started much earlier.

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How UFO Hunters Appeared

There is such a theory as paleokosmonavtika. This is the conviction that representatives of higher intelligence visited the ancient Earth. It was these newcomers who gave us modern wisdom and even in those days revealed secrets that we would never have thought of.

And, perhaps, such an assumption was considered a heresy, if not the ancient symbols left in architecture, paintings, on the walls of the Egyptian pyramids or even in ancient caves. We can see images of unusual technologies resembling modern helicopters and flying saucers (in our view).

Freakish figures of unknown beings are seen, who were treated like gods. There were also legends pointing to the arrival of the wisest. Moreover, this idea has many supporters among scholars and writers. So, paleokontakt studied Konstantin Tsiolkovsky and Alexander Kazantsev. An active supporter was Eric von Daniken.

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How UFO Hunters Appeared

Kenneth Arnol Describes His UFO Meeting

Ufology is still called pseudoscience, because no one has provided accurate evidence for the existence of aliens. There are various pictures that capture the mysterious lights. There are also videos of mysterious massive constructions in the sky moving along a strange trajectory. But they are not recognized by the scientific community.

The term itself originated in 1959, but the year 1947 is considered the birth of ufology. Then K. Arnold noticed 9 flying objects moving in the sky at supersonic speeds. The message about the flying saucers covered the entire territory of the United States and people began to share stories. It turns out that such events occur much more often. Even the military was excited, suspecting that this was not about aliens, but Soviet technologies.

Unexplainable Seeker

Not everyone knows about Charles Forte, and he was at the origin of ufology. But he was not a direct UFO hunter. More specifically, he was interested in all unusual events. It was so interesting to him that he happily sold the family business in order to have enough money to do his favorite thing.

He spent all his free time reading popular science literature. In the pages of the Fort was looking for facts that science could not explain. This hobby has become a 30-year work, which has grown into a literary presentation. There were so many facts that the Fort decided to publish them in the form of books. The first work in 1915 asserted that at the head of the rulers of the Earth was a Martian group. And in the second, the author assured that a secret base is hiding on the territory of Antarctica, where an alien race unknown to mankind lives (it is interesting that all these ideas are still used). But no one could read them, because the Fort had burned books in the period of protracted depression.

The main work was the "Book of the Damned", published in 1919. In it was collected factual material, which was rejected by the official science. Later, three more books will be released, and after his death they will find his catalog with 60000 notes about all the abnormal phenomena that he discovered.


After his death, a community dedicated to Charles Fort arose. Its participants did their best to publish the author's materials. The yellow press is still speculating on his ideas, stirring his attention to theories about aliens and massive conspiracies. His business still lives, because even in the Russian-speaking Internet you can find a huge number of sites dedicated to finding aliens and solving unexplained phenomena.

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