Why the Inca artifact resembles an aircraft

Why the Inca artifact resembles an aircraft

Ancient artifacts of various civilizations attract increased attention of scientists from around the world. It is surprising that at such an early stage these people had knowledge that they should not have. For example, what is the clue of the golden bird of the Incas?

Golden birds or Inca planes are small golden figures (5 cm in length), which were left at the graves of the chiefs. The radiocarbon method of analysis showed that they appeared around 500 AD. er Archaeologists managed to get 33 figurines, which are now in museums.

Initially, they were assigned to zoomorphic symbols, as they considered that they represented a certain animal (scales, eyes, and teeth can be distinguished). One day, the zoologist Ivan Sanderson analyzed one of the golden birds and realized that he had never seen a single living creature.

Why the Inca artifact resembles an aircraft

After that, they looked at the figure from the other side. And what if it is an aircraft or an ancient model of a jet plane with a hinged cabin? Among the assumptions were also listed underwater apparatus and the spacecraft.

Naturally, ufology did not miss this discovery and began to collect evidence in favor of the fact that it is really an ancient model of the aircraft. Moreover, such figures were found in different parts of the planet from various ancient tribes.

Moreover, they began to scrutinize the Red Desert on the Nazca Plateau. The fact is that pilots in the 20th century noticed from a height that the surface of a flat plateau was covered with drawings of various creatures, and the plain itself resembled a runway.

Why the Inca artifact resembles an aircraft

They also added conclusions about the analysis of mummies of the Incas, where it was said that the blood of these people was extremely rare (in the modern world there are only a couple of people with such a combination of groups).

In 1994, Peter Belting, Konrad Lubbers and Algund Enbom decided to test the figure for “flying”. They took the model of the Inca figurines, which most resembled the plane, increased it 16 times in compliance with all proportions and added a radio control system with a motor. Surprisingly, their plane really took off and was able to perform the most complex elements in the air (like a dead loop).

Such models of possible aircraft found at all times. Official science believes that this is a tribute to the gods and the desire to display animal forms. But ufologies believe that the ancient Incas, like the Egyptians and many other peoples, were in contact with extraterrestrial intelligence, having received knowledge from aliens that were lost during the destruction of empires.

Some even ventured to suggest that the Incas themselves used these planes (large models) for flights between continents. But we still will not go so far.

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